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  2. Pretty neat way they worked around the limits of consoles back then, even if still inconvenient for the present. I wonder if we could use this to some advantage and figure out whose connections work best for hosting? Never have tested if a /ping command is in the game, but this would make it a pretty good thing to have.
  3. EDK is just your resistance to Megid. The more EDK you have the less of a chance you have of getting killed by Megid with 100 EDK being no chance. I assume 1 resist = 1% damage reduction since you stop taking damage when you cap out at 100, but knowing Sega it's probably not that case.
  4. How do resistance values such as EFR EIC ETH EDK ELT affect damage taken?
  5. Yesterday

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  7. When I play side by side with my brother, we'll do things like have the monsters aggro onto the other person on our own screen. Ends up with nobody tanking; the mobs just slap the open air. Could you imagine PSO2 with DMC? lmao rip 12 man mpas
  8. Good find and fascinating read Mudkipz, thanks!
  9. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/
  10. Sorry for the late update. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I tried every thing I could but ultimately it came to me doing a full system reset to fix the problem.
  11. I had a question about the samurai armor. All the information I can find on it says it has some benefits when using specific katanas(which makes sense for the name). However my friend found on the forums someone said that it boosts ra techs. Was it changed for this server? Is there anywhere I can find all the major changes to items for ultima?
  12. Someone linked an article in a Discord channel I'm in explains how data in PSO works. I'll paste relevant information down below. Some of this is already kind of widely known but there were still a few interesting bits in there. Basically what I gather from this is: Desync doesn't exist, since it never existed in the first place. It makes sense why DMC is worse on players with bad connection. Here's the article if you want to read it yourself: http://www.bumped.org/psublog/technical-concepts-of-phantasy-star-online-universe-and-portable-2/
  13. Last week
  14. If you can learn to code new specials into the game, GO FOR IT. Otherwise, Soly and others can only work with specials already on other existing weapons unfortunately. If Sega would release the source code for PSOBB this would all change...
  15. I'm mostly sure it's a bug. But, since it's present in most versions of PSO, some think it was an intended mechanic to get people to cooperate better or something.
  16. s-halo rappy souls 10 pds 

    tp mat for 2 pd 

    1. Faelynn


      Can I get one halo rappy soul please?

    2. donpepe99


      you have already reserved the 2 halos a another person but if you do not buy it in a few weeks I will keep you 1

  17. I have an idea of the Inferno Girasole on 3. Girasole on special: "cyclone cuts" aoe 30% hp loss only Hunter do you think that's good sound? this is my opinion --> (because the Girasole is already same special on Inferno Girasole)
  18. For magics, Fonewearl and Fonewm are the strongest classes. The latter is a little more powerful with GI/RA techs but is slower at casting spells with an equipped weapon. It has a tech boost to Foie techs, so it's pretty decent. Just a little correction, Samurai armor boosts all RA techs. If you are going to stick with just one armor for technique spam in episode IV, then Samurai armor is by far the best choice. (also DMC doesn't depend on the amount of damage dealt)
  19. T> PB for DM/DF/ PGF

    1. nnorton44


      Lipelis said XD

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  20. Thank you for this-- I think I might just be stuck with the thumbnails like you said. In any case, so long as the links continue to work, I suppose it's fine. Thanks again! 🙂
  21. Selling PoSTs for 5 DTs each. PM if interested!

  22. I haven't tried posting any pictures here beyond uploading them with the insert tool in the reply box. BBcode here is finicky, not all of it operates normal. Let's see... Looks like the forum automatically shrinks down any image the same way Discord does. The first is an imgur upload, the second is a discord upload, the third is a wikia pull. All three have shrunk to the same size as when I post them in Discord. Sorry, but I think the thumbnails are going to be forced.
  23. Mother Garb + is all Forces on Ultima, and Wedding Dress is all classes.
  24. I thought MG & wedding dress were gender locked?
  25. It has a tech boost to Foie techs, so it's pretty decent. It's up to you, but it's between MG+. Wedding Dress, or Samurai Armor. Can also use Dress Plate for places you need dark resist.
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