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I don't know if it is the fastest ttf done by 2 people here in ultima but it went quite well.

No se si es el ttf mas rapido por 2 personas aqui en ultima, pero nos fue bien xD

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Well now this is Raid on Central Tower, aka roct, no Force done in 38 mins 4 players, Martin, Nami, Taiga, and myself.

Bueno esto es Raid on Central Tower, o tambien conocido como roct, sin force hecho en 38 mins 4 jugadores, Martin, Nami, Taiga y yo.




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Thx Larva, and the obtained S-rank + satisfaction of finally completing it after so long is more than enough. I can only recommend players to give it a try, it's hard but fun, a real challenge ^^

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is not me on this screen :o im pro, i never die :onion-head09:

and with link ahahahah no seriously is not possible xD

one day (maybe) you will know who is best

and seriously, idk how anyone could believe this joke

you fail xD

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Yes it is you noobvox and i didn't show all the amazing death when you are drunk or high :3

By the way i had a nice roct and pw4 circus this evening <3 ( i didn't show everything because it will be way too much :D and they used moons too fast XD)










QQ remilia hate me QQ


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