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Unofficial Triforce 2019 event dropchart

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Post em bois, be sure to include ID difficult area and enemy dropped. /roominfo shows room ID.   By ID   Bluefull Boomrang - Dark Gunner - Episode 1 - Ultimate Centu

Greenill - Marissa A - Episode 4 - Ultimate - Great Fairy Sword

Ganon Shield- yellowboze- Mericus- Ultimate

5 hours ago, flowgm said:

Someone know the rate drop of the MS?? 


These were the rates back in 2017; maybe around the same rate i guess, maybe harder who knows

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I don't think the rate for MS ever changed.


1/157 is not as easy as it sounds, that's 3x harder than RR on whitill, and it becomes 1/262 with DAR included in a 4P room.

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Ultimate - Merissa A - Viridia - Great Fairy Sword

Ultimate - Gi Gue - Bluefull - Power Glove

Ultimate - Mericus - Bluefull - Ganondorf Shield

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