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  1. To be honest, I never had too much of a problem hitting things with 50hit or less.
  2. Well there’s another way around the p2w-ness add a method for adding hit to weapons using pd’s similar to the pc enemy weapon idea.
  3. This is why I suggested running different sets on different ships with different drop charts. That can't be too hard to do since programming is basically magic right?
  4. Don’t know if the likes my Ill Gill Scythe suggestion got means it’s feasible but I’ll through in another suggestion that is. Laconium Sword Description: A legendary sword forged from refined laconium. In worthy hands, it is said to unleash a mighty wave of energy to defend its wielder when their life is in peril. Type: Sword Model: 154 (Kaladbolg) Texture: ??? (Custom?) ATP Req: 650 ATP: +700-800 ATA: +70 Stat Boost: +10 to all resistances Special: Dark Flow Energy Wave when User HP is at 10% or lower. Bonus: DFP and EVP +100 when equipped w/ Alis’ Resolve.
  5. Add Box Drops to the drop tables on the website. Some of us want to know where a Red Barrier drops for a Whitill Force.
  6. An entirely new episode with new maps, new enemies, and a new storyline. Maybe one where the PCs are transported to a planet called Earth where they resemble characters from a defunct MMO that’s now only run on private servers.
  7. I understand that but it doesn't seem like a good reason. Honestly I'd dare say it was poor game design on Sega's part.
  8. That actually is my point. HP isn't powerful enough to merit a 1/190650 rate. You're not going to try running a quest to farm Crimson Assassin as Yellowbolz. So what's the reasoning behind having Yellowbolz Crimson Assassin drop HP at such an absurd rate? It's basically a waste of a drop slot for an ID, why not replace it with another item at a rate that's actually worth farming for that ID?
  9. It makes no sense for items like Heaven Punisher to have a lower drop rate than SJS for every ID other than one like Bluefull. The drop rate should either be changed or the item should be changed to something that justifies such a low rate.
  10. I mistakenly thought that the programs were trusted by my antivirus. It turns out that I also needed to change the firewall whitelist on Norton instead of Windows Defender (Norton’s Interface also threw me off).
  11. Nope, I've whitelisted the launcher and I've done just about everything listed and it's still not working Edit: NM resolved
  12. Put Crack Mode on a separate Ship w/ it’s own unique drop chart.
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