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  1. That's the thing about message boards, it's hard to tell sarcasm and irony with out a doofus emoji.
  2. Isn't everything up to the the big man, technically? Any changes to the server would need his approval anyways.
  3. I hope this doesn't get me banned but maybe implement similar drop-boosting measures like Ephinea's Anguish, Lucky Day, and Boost System maybe? I know it might seem unoriginal and probably requires a lot of programming but that level of interactivity can be refreshing.
  4. I won't say I'm very knowledgeable about coding but I believe that a lot of it would just be a matter hex editing call values? It wouldn't give enemies new abilities but rather altering the effects of existing abilities not unlike what other difficulties do. Only machine types having regen like androids might be the difficult though. The real hard part is whether it's worth the time, effort, and tedium of playtesting and drawing up new drop tables (which would also be part of the draw). I'll be honest, the dual cure units were planned more around theme rather than which two adverse effects are commonly paired. You roll fortitude saves against paralysis and poison, will saves against slow and confusion, and reflex saves against freezing or shocking effects. A new difficulty that alters which stat afflictions show where would increase the utility of these units. Honestly, I wanted Avalon to also have a constant health regen like androids do when paired with Excalibur and One Hundred Souls but it seemed like that would be op with increased Mag response because it would be more frequent invincibility with regen. I distinctly thought up Pavise/Core in retaliation to the Ult Merispit that makes life shitty for Hunters on the Tower. I even thought to make it always negate OHKO attacks but that would make Dark Resistance completely obsolete.
  5. Compared to STA and ADR, everything is pretty much obsolete. But those are hard as balls to obtain. The goal wasn't to outclass existing items and fuck up the economy. It was to create new items that can also be a poor man's alternative. In the case of Tripolic Requiem, it's supposed to be a decent alternative to Red Ring, lower defensive stats but a higher nullify rate than Reflector. The idea behind Ult+ is creating a fresh experience by changing up how enemies are fought rather than just buffing obnoxiously. For instance, being content to tank rappies would be ill advised in this mode because they could drastically lower your defense and leave you completely vulnerable to tougher enemies. An Ob Lily stickying you to ground leaves you a sitting duck to their Megid and also makes their scream attack a threat androids as well as fleshies. Inverter is just a cosmetic item, really. v102 however is a bad idea in that it would devalue C/B.
  6. New Unit Ideas: Definitely Doable State/Fortitude: Cure Poison + Cure Paralysis State/Clarity: Cure Slow + Cure Confuse State/Reflex: Cure Shock + Cure Freeze Stamina Vessel: +150 TP (Triforce) Questionable Doability INVERTER: Changes attack animations to other gender Avalon: When equipped with Excalibur or One Hundred Souls, increases mag's response chance by 10% Pavise/Core: occasionally negates instant death attacks Doable but probably shouldn't: v102: When equipped, this unit will increase ATP, MST, EVP, DFP, and LCK by 25. Also increases ATA by 2. Built in Cent/Battle New Combination Items: Tripolic Amplifier - an arrowhead shaped photon amplifier that reacts to tripoli. New Barrier Ideas: Tripolic Requiem - model: Gold Tripolic Reflector, Level: 150, DFP: 150-200, EVP: 245-260, EFR: 25, ETH: 25, EIC: 30, EDK: 8, ELT: 8, nullifies techniques more frequently than Tripolic Reflector New Difficulty: Ultimate + Instead of just super boosting enemy stats and speed, enemies will get a moderate boost to stats and new side effects to their attacks. For example: Rappies - pecking inflicts lvl 20-31 Zalure, Rare Rappy's attack inflicts insta-kill Booma/Bartle's attacks inflict poison. Gobooma/Barble's attacks inflicts freeze Gigobooma/Tollaw's attack inflict shock Mothvist regenerate HP with every successful hit Hildelt/orr - punch disarms Dragon's Breath also inflicts Jellen lvl 20-31 Ob/Mil Lily scream stickies target to the ground. Their bites poison you. Crimson Assassin Charge causes slow, swipe stickies De Rol Le/Dal Ral Lie's tendril attacks regenerate its hp All Machine Enemies Regen HP over time Baranz Rockets also inflict Slow Delsaber attack restores hp with every hit, claw swipe inflicts Lvl 20-31 Jellen & Zalure
  7. Feel free to voice your support for the V802 idea floating on the suggestion topic.
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