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  1. Feel free to voice your support for the V802 idea floating on the suggestion topic.
  2. What about just making a Double Saber Type Item (blue vivian?) with that range?
  3. Normal: 1. NPC Hunters take up a slot the party even if they are enemies or just there to talk to. For that reason they don't show up in multiplayer quest. Their names will show up on the chat menu even if they are just for present dialogue. Despite the 4 person party limit. Several Single Player Quests will create the illusion of there being more hunters on the field by spawning and despawning them based on opcode switches. This basically means you cannot have more than 3 other hunter NPCs loaded in one room. 2. Despite being a famed Hunter, Rico's actual class matches none of the potential choices available to the player. Theoretically, she might be the only example of a HUmarl. 3. According to official art, Rico's Section ID is Whitill. On Ultima this ID has the best drop rate for RR. Challenge: 1. It is possible for a player to enter a challenge quest they have yet to qualify for by leaving the Guild Counter when the party leader speaks to the Guild Lady and returning to it while they select the quest. 2. The Gamecube release of PSO had an Offline Challenge Mode that offered a number of prizes that now can only be obtained in Gallon's Shop or event quests. 3. Episode 4 has no Challenge Mode Quests. Battle: 1. Originally, the Spaceship Battle Theme and the Temple Battle Theme were respectively the Field and Battle Theme for Battle Mode on the DC version of PSO. 2. The FOnewm and FOnewearl have the highest average rating across the suggested classes for Battle Mode on PSO-World's guides. RAcast and RAcaseal have the lowest. 3. Team Battle will pit blue and green against red and yellow. When creating the room with a particular team set up in the mind, one teammate must wait for opposing two the join the room before joining last.
  4. Yeah, not that I expected it to but I'm curious: is it because that would be impossible to implement or just more broken than DF?
  5. Increase Double Saber;s Targets to 5 and its Horizontal Angle to 360 Degrees. I want that spinning to actually damage enemies behind me.
  6. Boomerang from Ultimate Skyly Morpho
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