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What is your favorite gear?

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Basically anything that's in my signature, lol.

But for real,

Any of the Dark Weapons

Psycho Ravens

Ultima Reaper 

Asteron Striker

Demon TypeMe/Mechs

100 Souls



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I'm a HUGE fan of Twin Blaze. It's one of, if not my favorite weapon(s) in the game. If you've never used one, you will be disappointed when you do most likely. It's not as strong as it looks, but it has soooo many uses

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Arrest Needle

Charge/Demon/gush yasminkov900m

Frozen Shooter

Rianov 5

Iron Faust

TypeSh/shot hell

Psycho Ravens

Hundres Souls

Slicer Of Vengeance 

Tsukimiri-J Sword


Rage de glace

TypeME/mechguns demon/charge

Asteron Striker

Ultima Reaper

Dark Meteor

Dark Flow

Suppresed Gun Charge

Heaven Striker

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in hunter i prefer to use :

slicer of vengeance 

ultima reaper 

tsumikire j sword

psycho raven

supresed gun with chargue

DoB 60 hit

Arrest nice shot/crimson sword

Crush canon for the hp

and hmm  s'reds blade ofc

For Ranger i use

Iron Faust set

baranz launcher set

 guld milla , chargue/demon yasminkov  , psycho raven

and hell yass7k or 3k  i love those all weps

 and my mostly lovely weaps

are banana canon, type mech , pr , crush canon , sov , lindcray and tjs , ah and ofc the iron and baranz set , i reallly like them they're so amazing

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Rambling May

Tension Blaster

Mille Marteaux

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Two Kamui? Wow I've been out of the game for longer than I thought! Yeah, I'd be all about that! 

TJS, SIL Dragon Slayer, Jizai, Angel Harp, Ultima Reaper  (Formally Soul Banish), Yamigarasu, Orotiagito.

Currently using Lame D'Argent. 2,000/10,000 done so far. But probably will be adding Excalibur to this list too when I get to use one lol

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