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Proof Of Sword-Saint


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Looking for some stuff, came across this (Idk if someone has posted it already)

This should be the list of weapons affected by PoSS, let me know if anything is missing or is extra, but as it comes directly from the client, should be ok.

They are in Item ID order (Any custom item won't be affected by the unit unless changes are done at how the unit works)

// Kaladbolg
// Durandal
// Galatine
// Two Kamui
// Orotiagito
// Raikiri
// Delsaber's Buster
// Lavis Cannon
// Ancient Saber
// Yamigarasu
// Elysion
// Red Saber
// Musashi
// Yamato
// Asuka
// Sange & Yasha
// Sange
// Yasha
// Kamui
// Excalibur
// Kusanagi
// Guren
// Shouren
// Jizai
// Flamberge
// Shichishito
// Murasame
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I was thinking of it, but not sure yet, you can remove weapons, but add more is not possible right away.

I think the best bet is to get where your current weapon is compared to the entries in the array and do magic there.

Although Hundred Souls is in the same group as Excalibur, its not affected by the unit, same with Blood Sword... so it would be nice to look into it

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Interesting, it's nice to see the full list. It knew it was made to work with specific weapons, rather than just all weapons of a specific class, but I was far too lazy to go test every possible weapon. If there was a way to make it work with more weapons, that would be cool, I see a lot of candidates on that list that could easily be replaced if need be (kaladbolg, durandal, ancient saber, delsaber's buster), if stuff had to be removed to make room that is.

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  • 6 years later...

would be great to make a 2.0 Proof of Sword-Saint unit that work on ten years blade as well.


Plus that forces can use it: big help specially agains 2dn part of olga to spam tyb damage! :D




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19 minutes ago, Deca33Xx said:

A mí me gustaría que le dieran una segunda oportunidad a la doble canon o de plano crear un doble saber decente no hay ninguno sobresaliente en última 

Uh, yeah sure, you got a point there :onion-head81:


@R-78 @Larva @Soly Inferno Girasole when :onion-head28:

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