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Found 18 results

  1. I only want Photon Drops. Offer, but only through private messages. Serious inquiries only. A large amount of Photon Drops, and some Donations Tickets may be accepted.
  2. looking for someone who has a dm please message me the price thank you
  3. Please close topic
  4. Remaking because reading is hard for too many of these broke people.
  5. More than 100 of the fabled Parasitic Gene Flow have dropped this year. Is it enough? Thought you were done hunting it this year? What about the drop rate? Enjoy an encore PGF weekend at a drop rate that larva calls...
  6. Sabrina


  7. Dark Meteor perdida, causada por DC al intentar trasladar items pso1441571037.bmp
  8. LagOwned


    Title says it all. trading my Dark flow 100-0-100-0-80 for a Dark meteor 0-100-0-100-80 I would prefer those stats but if you have something different IE a DM 100-0-100-0-80 or 100-0-0-100-80 ,ill take a look
  9. The sooner you get to me, the sooner you can get paid lol I wont be on to play at all for a few weeks at least unless someone pms me and it will only be for the trade. Hmu with a price and ill give you an offer back or accept your price outright if its good.
  10. seeing as I dont play at all, i just lobby stand and chat i figured id throw up my items ayyy Prices are steam game cost or currency in USD PR 100/100/0/100 70 yas9k 80 hit charge 20 hundred souls 80 hit set n/d ab/m 120 for the set 60 DM set n/m and ab/d 400 for the set 200 ea. asteron striker 80 hit (90dark???) 30 cent battle wedding dress near max or max iirc 5 zalure gun red ring charge arms 100/0/0/100|60 10 150 dts 50 Arrest Needle 35/0/45/0|40 waaaaaaaat
  11. Sabrina

    B> DF OR DM

    I have 100 dts and some pds like 1 stack If your willing to sell it pls pme me, If your wanna trol or tell me my offer is to low pls dont post.
  12. Title says all. Looking to finally get my hands on a DM or PGF. I know the market has gone crazy over this stuff before but please serious business only. If you think a DM/PGF is valued at 500 DTS or something crazy like that I'm not the guy for you. Thank you for your time and I hope I can find someone to sell me one for a fair price.
  13. Sabrina


    My offer for 50 stat DM: Arrest needle 35/0/0/35|35 Glide v00 Hylian shield FTD Limiter 100 DTs 99 PDs PM me!
  14. Hello, Trying to buy a DM for 75 DTS. Looking for 50's, preferably in A. Beast, Dark, and Hit. Thank you! - Rend Edit: Oh, please PM, thanks.
  15. I Really would like to get a Dark meteor and hopefully I might have something willing to trade. I'd be willing to give Kroes Sweater, 25pds , and a spreadneedle fully grinded.
  16. Not trading it for random items what im looking to trade it for is a DM with 0/50/0/50 50 and a PoM for mine. my DM has 0/90/0/90 50, if you dont have a PoM offer something to go with the DM i need and ill think about it thanks.
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