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  1. I was once asked a question, something something homework for high school. "what is the difference between action and reaction?" and this got me thinking.... if reaction exists... is there an action for anything? every action, is a reaction to a thought process of some sort. how can I put down an example of an action, if its just a reaction to something else. idk. I ended up just not doing the assignment. Every conclusion i came to was "error 404 "Action" does not exist" lol want to try and give me some peace of mind?
  2. for like the past 16 years.. my fav sword has been the J-Sword. always has been, probably always will be. gear wise, I love how Elenor and from the depths go together for the particles. looks bad ass. / anything that increases attack speed. I use the Cent battle. and 2 cent abilities and a cent power. I then use 15 luck mats to get the max luck stat kinda like a crit build my class of choices have been hucast and Ramar. Max damage or max accuracy weapons I fool around with all dark weapons of course. Asterion striker. Ultima reaper. I always start a ranger out with a Twin physcho guns. I like their unique special. I love my hundred souls. I got the need for speed. and it packs the damages
  3. we're all entitled to our own opinions. your problem with mudkip? shouldve just talked about it, if you felt like youre being harassed then bring it up to him. if that doesnt work, talk to a gm maybe they couldve calmed it down if it were an issue. i personally really like this community and server. sound like you had bad luck in getting what you wanted. i suggest praying more to RNGesus. thats what a dungeon crawler is all about. maybe its not the game youre upset with but the type of game. anyways, hope you find something better suited for you. take care!
  4. are you saying just bc I'm a whitill, that I may not be able to get one of the event items that I'm after? that's kind of odd for an event
  5. Thank you for putting this together for us as this is my first event on here, could we maybe get a lead on what to do exactly? is everything just randomly dropped? or? ... yeh
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