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  1. So has anyone found a STA yet?

  2. Well I'm off for a while, didn't think I'd get jacked like this :/

    1. McLaughlin86
    2. Malxerz
    3. HIPPIE562


      That "Hope" player I was asking everyone about stole my Psycho Brdige and my Hylian Shield

  3. Hi everyone :D

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    2. HIPPIE562



    3. King Ra

      King Ra

      come on now, spamming your own status? lols

    4. Soly


      Lmao King...

      Hello and welcome back!

  4. I need a new laptop >:(

  5. I was supposed to get my rollback yesterday :(

  6. I got no computer to play PSO with so i wont be playing for a while D:

    1. Red Devil

      Red Devil

      what u do with ur CPU

  7. My PS3 ID is Hippie562 :D add me if you want to play some black ops with me ;)

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    2. THBlackie


      He Sucks either way so its all cool xD, CORE junkie FTW?, Btw, my Gamertag is THDMeteor19, if anyone wants to add me and play some black ops also :P < Hardcore Capture the Flag junkie

    3. Zeph


      Would if I had ps3 :/

    4. HIPPIE562


      LOL im better than you so that means you suck too >:P

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