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  1. I hope some people understand that my life continues, regardless of what your life is doing. So if ones life expects my life to feel bad, sorry or to dwell on such life's past experiences....Sorry my life has to keep moving forward. Don't get my life wrong, it loves to dwell on previous nostalgic moments and or memories. But understand my life graduated high school back in 2006 along with the childish, petty, relationship and or any other games other lives like to play still to this day....

  2. Walking for a reason!

  3. Hahaaa #OTM is an official government term for Other Than Mexican. Gotta love politics.

  4. Hell yeah!!! Signed up for both PC and Xbox One Titanfall betas!!!

    1. Larva


      What's that ? Lol

  5. Outlast for the PS4 is by far one of the scariest games I have played since the first Resident Evil. The graphics aren't to great, I can say thing are much more scary when you can't tell what they are.

    1. Akioyamato


      Bruh!?! The graphic <333333333

  6. To everyone that has ever had a cool level idea. I am currently creating a cool Tower Defense Game and need YOUR help. If you would like to see your name in the credits of a Mobile game, I need a few things from you. I need YOU guys to create Extra levels for this game.It simply needs to be a line that allows enemies to follow along (start to finish). Preferably in Jpeg, PNG or PSD (Photoshop Document) format with a pixel aspect ratio of 1920 x 1080. Email your image to app@firesnoutgames.c...

  7. Happy BDay Man. have a great day and enjoy it with good friends and family.

  8. I can't remember the last time I was able to wake up at 6am for work! So excited to see the cheery happy faces of my fellow employees who don't hate their jobs.

  9. Whats the dilly?

  10. Face book could be a little more helpful when it comes to deleting statuses and comment from your phone. Thank god I was trying to swipe a booger off my phone or I would have never figured it out.

  11. I can't believe my eyes..... People are actually happy at work! What is this feeling of happiness? Oh that's right, they must love their job. Go eff yourself UPS!

  12. Holy crap......I got the job at THQ!

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    2. Larva


      congratz . thq guy

    3. Elision



    4. Veriemas


      HOLY WAFFLES CONGRATS! You are now even more awesome

  13. tonight is f***ing awesome!!!

  14. If your status update is about a quote or some saying starting with "the awkward moment when" or something along those same lines, I'm gonna....................enjoy the rest of facebook because its freedom of speech and I respect that.

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