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  1. B> Ephinea items, looking for pds, units, weapons, shields a hu could need. Paying in pds or items, no rmt.

  2. Pinkal Ultimate ep4 Pyro goran Rico Parasol
  3. Ep1 Pinkal Dark Bringer Lindcray
  4. Pinkal Ep1 Kroe's sweater probably dropped from a Melqueek. Rianov-snr2 Ob lily
  5. T> STA for DF

  6. Well, I'm gonna give it a try at least the delsaber TA. Weap: tjs 000 35, jizai 000 45 35 and blank orotiagito.
  7. B> PPP mag / Hucast mag

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  8. B> Hucast mag, Demon's Raygun 50 hit, S>BKB 30 Hit

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  9. S> BKB 30 hit; S> C/b. Mind/Pow Mats; Pm.

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  10. B> TJS nearly blank, pm me for offer.

  11. S> ADR, B>TJS nearly blank (think it goes for 60 dts but pm ur price if it doesn't sound good), yas 9000m no special, 50 hit demons raygun.

    1. Depassage


      Genkin X possède ça DEMON'S RAYGUN [50,50,0,0,50]

    2. kamlang


      thanks, seems like he sold it already :(

  12. S> Pds, RR min, V101, V502, PoSS.

    1. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      how much v502

    2. Virec


      60 pds vs RR min

    3. kamlang


      Acutally, I want DTS for that rr.

  13. i killed like more than 1k oran gibbles and get nothing exept troll pds ... redria has been confirmed so for now i think its the way to go. I wouldnt hunt sb with oran or viridia .
  14. B> PR low stat

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    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      Started July last year, but hoping for a June start because I've got some time off then : )

    3. TripleR


      No kidding haha I made a new mag and did a mat reset so I could be maxed without v101. Currently rolling with a H battle stand in for C battle :)

    4. solo guy

      solo guy

      Well when summer comes pbc isn't to hard a drop so we can all get frustrated running weather effects quest chasing the elusive c/battle : )