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  1. B> Ephinea items, looking for pds, units, weapons, shields a hu could need. Paying in pds or items, no rmt.

  2. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Pinkal Ultimate ep4 Pyro goran Rico Parasol
  3. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Ep1 Pinkal Dark Bringer Lindcray
  4. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Pinkal Ep1 Kroe's sweater probably dropped from a Melqueek. Rianov-snr2 Ob lily
  5. Delsaber Gauntlet : Samurais on the hunt !

    Well, I'm gonna give it a try at least the delsaber TA. Weap: tjs 000 35, jizai 000 45 35 and blank orotiagito.
  6. B> PPP mag / Hucast mag

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  7. B> Hucast mag, Demon's Raygun 50 hit, S>BKB 30 Hit

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  8. S> BKB 30 hit; S> C/b. Mind/Pow Mats; Pm.

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  9. B> TJS nearly blank, pm me for offer.

  10. S> ADR, B>TJS nearly blank (think it goes for 60 dts but pm ur price if it doesn't sound good), yas 9000m no special, 50 hit demons raygun.

    1. Depassage


      Genkin X possède ça DEMON'S RAYGUN [50,50,0,0,50]

    2. kamlang


      thanks, seems like he sold it already :(

  11. S> Pds, RR min, V101, V502, PoSS.

    1. Jose Zapata
    2. Virec


      60 pds vs RR min

    3. kamlang


      Acutally, I want DTS for that rr.

  12. Ultima Summer Event 2016!

    i killed like more than 1k oran gibbles and get nothing exept troll pds ... redria has been confirmed so for now i think its the way to go. I wouldnt hunt sb with oran or viridia .
  13. B> PR low stat

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    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      Started July last year, but hoping for a June start because I've got some time off then : )

    3. TripleR


      No kidding haha I made a new mag and did a mat reset so I could be maxed without v101. Currently rolling with a H battle stand in for C battle :)

    4. solo guy

      solo guy

      Well when summer comes pbc isn't to hard a drop so we can all get frustrated running weather effects quest chasing the elusive c/battle : )