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  1. I'm leaving. Most of you won't care and I don't expect you to. I was thinking of all the ways to do an event for my gear but ended up dumping it in some random rooms. cg to all that grabbed it. Just wanted to say thanks to some friends I made in the relatively short time I've been on this server. Shorty; you were one of the first that i can remember that helped me. Thanks for all the runs 09B666 (I think that's your name!); I think we have a similar dick-head threshold, don't let them drag you down! R-78; Your quests are by far the best out there and you a joy to play with, don't forget to help the noobs Terry; you seem like a genuinely nice bloke Kettor (that is your name to me :P); I love your avatar and you always make me smile. most of team UPS; Je vous aime tous et vous êtes l'équipe d'amis que je connais (et j'adore petit chattons). yuyu, killercat, and pardon for those i cant remember, I have never met a member of ups I didn't like . Hentaimio; Bonsai loves you Genzu; don't stop riding c01d1, cappo, ino, nurze, aqua, noodle, zerk, tintbits, zero, solaris and anyone else (i'm so sorry, i know there are many more) I chatted/played with, thanks for being cool. sorry anyone I forgot <3. F U to those who know who they are. Larva, if you read this, please be more hands-on with this community.
  2. Hang on, we are missing something, he's not offering a pgf, he has a "PGF Gene Flow"
  3. Updated. Also looking to buy or trade for a Yas 9k 30+ hit, either demon or no special.
  4. I understood you had a higher offer from hidden, not he offered first. You even went on to ask me for a better offer than hidden. It wasn't until you got called out by zero that you changed your mind. So you're saying hidden offered a random 4pd's more than what you were asking even though no one had asked to buy it first? Even hidden isn't claiming he offered first. If hidden genuinely offered first then I apologise to him but the fact that he hasn't mentioned it makes me doubt it went down like that. I'm so bored of this, all over a master raven :/
  5. I have one, yes. I'm in lobby now if you're on - fuzzy I only have the 0 def left, I forgot to update.
  6. I give up. Good luck to you.
  7. It seems like there is some issue with you. Whether it's begging for HH "because people in other timezones", claiming gm's wait for you to leave to start HH, claiming gm's have nerfed your account to stop you getting event drops, arguing with people in chatbox, arguing with people in the Lobby, etc, etc. You come off as a very entitled little kid, and now you're trying to tell me this is how life works lol, what are you, like 17 years old? I really don't care about the MR. I don't know why but I'm gonna give you some advice. This is a very old game with a small amount of people, it doesn't matter if you're a dick or if people don't like you. But if you act the way you do in here IRL, then your going to end up pretty miserable. People aren't going to want to be your friend, employers aren't going to want to give you a job, girls aren't going to want to date you. You seem to attract arguments and controversy, that isn't a coincidence, it's because of the way you behave. Try and think about that. Or don't, you can tell me why I'm wrong and you're right. I don't care.
  8. You could see I offered to pay his price in this thread, yet you sneak him a pm offering to pay 4 more pds? Never mind the rules, it’s a dick move. I would have paid more than your offer but this isn’t an auction. You may have noticed in other threads people will say something along the lines of “if starscreme doesn’t buy that, I will” that would put you next in line and is an acceptable way to behave. You wonder why people get pissy with you?
  9. well you could at least give me a chance to counter the offer
  10. Trading To perform a trade, always prefer to use the Trade Window over dropping the items unless you encounter an error, in such a case remake your lobby and report the error to the staff. If you decide to not use the trade window, in the event of an error of any kind, we might not offer support to recover your items. You are forbidden of trading your PSOBB items for any 3rd party products or services not mentioned in these Terms except in an exceptional case approved by the staff, such cases are not general and only apply to the situation they were discussed and approved. You are allowed to trade your PSOBB items for items in another game or a platform (market) like Steam however we do not encourage nor support it. We cannot undo trades involving 3rd parties and we won't restore items lost during such trades. You are not allowed to trade items for currency in other games that is explicitly bought with real money, this includes steam funds, and anything similar in other games or platforms. You are not allowed to trade your PSOBB items for gift cards of any type like steam, skype, etc. If you fail to follow these rules we might take action against your account, this applies to the players on both sides of the trade.
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