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  1. I'm leaving. Most of you won't care and I don't expect you to. I was thinking of all the ways to do an event for my gear but ended up dumping it in some random rooms. cg to all that grabbed it. Just wanted to say thanks to some friends I made in the relatively short time I've been on this server. Shorty; you were one of the first that i can remember that helped me. Thanks for all the runs 09B666 (I think that's your name!); I think we have a similar dick-head threshold, don't let them drag you down! R-78; Your quests are by far the best out there and you a joy to play with, don't forget to help the noobs Terry; you seem like a genuinely nice bloke Kettor (that is your name to me :P); I love your avatar and you always make me smile. most of team UPS; Je vous aime tous et vous êtes l'équipe d'amis que je connais (et j'adore petit chattons). yuyu, killercat, and pardon for those i cant remember, I have never met a member of ups I didn't like . Hentaimio; Bonsai loves you Genzu; don't stop riding c01d1, cappo, ino, nurze, aqua, noodle, zerk, tintbits, zero, solaris and anyone else (i'm so sorry, i know there are many more) I chatted/played with, thanks for being cool. sorry anyone I forgot <3. F U to those who know who they are. Larva, if you read this, please be more hands-on with this community.
  2. How about something along those lines but don't announce all the details. For example, "a rare unit has been spotted on a fatty" (c/battle dropping from gibbles, but what ID?) or something a bit more imaginative than that. I do love the events but there's no hunt, everyone already knows PGF drops from Olga and the best way to hunt is to spam RT. It would be cool for a genuine hunt with the community. I have no idea how much work it is or how much testing is needed, but if it's going to be pre-existing items, I can't imagine it would be that hard to do every now and again, but then again, what do i know!
  3. Great on the resta thing then. I've never heard it mentioned before but I do understand that not many idea's are original, that doesn't put me off from having them though. I disagree with you regarding Snow Queen, unlocking it is not going to make it "just way too op". It would make it a great weapon, for sure, but just make the Gold Photon an event item with low drop rate. DM, DF, Demon Yas, and hell type shot could be called op, should we get rid of them?
  4. I'm another one in favor of expanding PGF's availability but that seems very unlikely in this server. Anyway, here's a few idea's I have for new items: Resta Block. A unit that stops resta from from healing you - so DF user's can stop getting mad and Fo's playing with DF users can stop having to worry about upsetting them! Happymate. A consumable that's gives you 1 hour of happy hours drop rates. Could apply to party. Ends with instance. Gold Photon. A consumable that unlocks locked weapons such as Panzer Faust, Master Raven, Snow Queen to Gold Faust, Gold Raven and Gold Queen etc. Would be so cool. Holy Photon. A consumable that adds 10% hit to a weapon. Maybe limit up to 50%. Sweet and simple. Mag treat. A consumable that triggers mag invisibility. Could be useful. Noob Shield. A shield only equippable <lvl 100, gives super high defense and resistance but can't attack. Relief. A consumable that once used removes damage cancel from the enitire server forever I had some more but my memory is awful.
  5. I found a weapon that makes me want to take part in your event (plus the prizes look pretty sweet) I just need to get some of the other stuff together. I have a few questions though.... When you say "You must use the negative %s weapon the majority of the time" - this is a bit ambiguous. Using the neg stat weapon 51% of the time would be the majority, how will this be calculated? shots fired? time held? damage dealt? Can the weapon from the list have %?
  6. so when at the counter, viewing a party that is on spaceship ep1, it says they're in "palace" instead of "unknown"
  7. I should have held up on the id change i did Awesome new features, thanks to all those that worked on them
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