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  1. Hylian Shield, Skyly, Ep2, Gal Gryphon, Ultimate confirmed. I also added slicers to the drop chart (clickable buttons that can auto-filter without having to use the header drop downs). Give it a spin and let me know if it works.
  2. Table has been updated. EDIT: Realized I linked the wrong thread for the 2019 Drop Chart. That has now been corrected.
  3. Please post your event drops here. Also non-event drops from the same monsters of different IDs. I will update it once or twice a day. Information Needed Difficulty Episode Section ID Monster Item Link to Drop Chart Table I will post screenshot of updated list here so you don't have to click it. However, the Table is can be sorted/filtered to more easily find things you're looking for. Link to Event Post Link to 2019 Drop Chart Event End Date: October 12, 2020
  4. Forgive me if this was already mentioned, but during green names, doing a Fake in Yellow in One Person Mode yields way more Al Rappy than any online mode quest, sometimes yielding up to 9-10 Al Rappy's per run, and each run takes 3 mins tops. Also, in regards to unsealing, I strongly recommend Battle of Beaufort in Ep2. I think it has even more monsters than IDS and is pretty easy to blow through in normal mode. A good variety in case one gets sick of IDS (which is very likely).
  5. Alright, room went pretty well considering the # of people logged on. I think the next time I'll make the following changes: Announce a few days before Put a preview list of what to expect in the room Do it on a Friday or Saturday night If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  6. I'll be running a room called FREEBIES at around 9:00am ET tonight. The purpose of this room is to benefit new players or players with baby accounts which need some gear, and to give people a chance to donate surplus items to gain back valuable bank space. All are welcome to join/contribute/check it out. My only request is to please be courteous and leave the room when finished to let others come in and benefit from this while it lasts. If this proves successful, it can be something that I run on a semi-monthly or monthly basis. Please spread the word to all your friends.
  7. Like: Community is great. People are generally more than happy to partake in whatever goal you're out to achieve and vice versa. For those who share the same level of knowledge, the experience here is a very enjoyable one. Feedback: Often times, especially on the forums, I find that there is a perceived level of knowledge required to be known not only about the game but about the community in general, and that generally tends to scare people off. In major gaming communities that I helped foster and grow, the usage of these extra tools such as forums needs to be the main focus to get people educated and brought up to speed. I absolutely love the tools such as the Character Viewer and Drop Tables, but I bet you many people don't realize these exist, or have the intuition to browse around and try to find these resources. Many people will eventually give up if they don't know where they're looking or if they're afraid to be reprimanded for asking such basic questions. This ties directly with @C01D1's suggestion. There needs to be an on-boarding package of some sort to make anyone with cold feet feel welcomed and encourage them to learn more. What tool or form this on-boarding package will take is uncertain. It could be an elaborate post, a web app, or even something in the game...point is, it needs to exist and it's something we can all point new players to in order to learn the basic/intermediate/advanced/custom intricacies of this game and server. These private servers generally favor people who have previous PSO experience since it's usually people who played way back when. I received an excellent DM from @Domme when I first started where he told me all the intricacies of this server. I'd recommend part of that DM be part of the on-boarding package. However this was done the way it was because I had previous experience. Had I been a new player, a lot of the information he gave me would have went over my head. Question is, how deep do we go? And the answer is your package needs to cater to all levels of play, especially beginners who may have never seen an PSO interface before in their lives. Yes, I'm talking things as basic as how to map your buttons, what each button does, what your class is capable of, and what each spell does as well as pros/cons. In my short 5 months being on this server, I've run into HUmars in the low 100's who didn't even know they can shifta/deband. I see Forces who rather than support, run around casting Gibarta on everything. Very often times it's because these players don't know any differently and weren't given that basic level of learning. Sure you can tell them to fetch for other resources pso-world.com to learn more, but new players may not even know what are the right things to look up and will lose interest fast. Point is, there needs to be some level of on-boarding that is contained within this server's resources, that is easy to follow and will get people right into the swing of the game. In the original PSO, the offline campaign did a decent job of that where you start at a very low level and things get introduced to you as you progress, however that element is lost in the online world especially since new players will come into an environment where many people have reached, or have nearly reached end-game status. I'm ready and willing to start writing something up or figure out the tools we can put together. If we get this right, and everyone knows to say "Go here to learn more", guaranteed you will see more people joining, staying, and you'll see this server flourishing.
  8. @R-78 yeah the Americas are just starting to wake up now. Should be a good grind today from this point forward.
  9. List is now up to date! New addition for PBC under Yellowboze.
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