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  1. For shame. Lost Master Blaster is a great quest for it especially as Oran. Blood Sword from Saint Milion, C/B as Kondrieu.
  2. @Larva it hasn't been reported yet unless I missed it somewhere.
  3. I updated the spreadsheet with a new worksheet for the 2019 event drops. This will make it easier to sort/filter and see what was confirmed last year.
  4. Thanks everyone. List is now up to date.
  5. It won't be any different than the last 20-30 LHB runs when it comes to wasting time. Edit: i should mention that the drop rate in previous summer events for kondrieu C/B is much better than Epsilon and Falz, but due to its rare appearance it balances out. Perhaps if Green Names gets turned on it would be a better opportunity.
  6. My next aim during HH will be to find cent/battle from ep4.
  7. Is there a count for Max Attack S?
  8. Thanks for that big hint. List updated.
  9. List has been updated. Also added drop rate for Serene Swan (apparently this came from a reliable source. If it's unproven or incorrect, let me know so I can remove it).
  10. Getting stuff in 4's eh? Share some of that luck!
  11. A curious conversion was had a bit earlier with one of my fellow teammates, who just got a new laptop and is adjusting to this game. We were talking about how each of us play and to my surprise, realized he doesn't use a pad. Coming from the DC days, I played with DC pad and keyboard, I didn't think there was any other way to effectively play this game, but I'm sure I'm wrong and several people have other ways to play. So I'm creating this thread to see how other people effectively play PSO on PC. This could be an opportunity for others to see how people are playing and it might spark ideas for them to try different layouts/different peripherals. For me, I play on my desktop using a full keyboard and a PDP Wired XBox One Controller (which works natively for Windows 10...it even has a neat game interface when you push the XBox button). Numlock is disabled so I can use the number shortcuts. The pad is mapped the way I remember it to be back in the DC days which makes for very efficient gaming. So let's hear it. How do you play PSO?
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