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  1. Happy birthday!!!!

  2. Happy birthday GM Lipelis! 

    1. Kotta


      U.u Congratz Lipelis :onion-head56:

      [But happy birthday Is not an element, lel :onion-head63:]

    2. Lipelis


      Snanks @Dutch Ride and Mister @Kotta 💃

  3. @everyone like this status for gold name no clowns please 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. jezbuz


      All the elements are required. Please don't flame me i'm the realest clown alive

    3. Kotta


      Moar liek, the blurriest clown alive xD

    4. RocketTots


      Swollest clown in town here. I want gold name but I only have 2/3 elements required and all of the elements are required.

  4. Happy birthgay ❤️

  5. PSO2 when

    1. Trigunman


      Inquiring minds wanna know!

    2. nnorton44


      Not in any rush to have you embarrass us there too 🙃

  6. Does anyone know the sexual orientation of @RedSniper's mom? Asking for a friend. 

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    2. C01D1
    3. nnorton44
    4. McLaughlin86


      Does she want another kid I'm trying to be a dad here


  7. OnE hUnDrEd PgFs DrOpPeD aLrEaDy GuYs TiMe To NeRf 

  8. It's the least amount of power I've ever seen go to someone's head like Dwight picking who works on Saturday lol

  9. Happy birthday :onion112:

    1. capo


      Thanks you Buttride!!

  10. Happy birthday Legend!!! 

    1. Blitz


      My man! Thx Dutchy

  11. You and your dads would really enjoy this set: https://vods.co/v/ccmrzt

  12. Updated btw


  13. Happy birthday :rf-03:

    1. jezbuz


      :rf-03: :rf-03: Happy Birthday! :rf-03: :rf-03: 

    2. Lipelis


      Happy birthdayyyy hehe-coup.gif

    3. Rivaul


      Heheheh thanks guys, I love you so much

  14. Happy birthday Artbob we miss you!! 

  15. #istandwithmud

  16. B> Blood Tornado 

  17. RIP in peace Serene Swan 2019-2019

  18. B> Mag: 3/182/15/0 or similar PM

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Found thankies 

    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Just kidding I need one more for @Frostydom

  19. Shoutout to everyone with an @gmail and @hotmail username 

    1. drdingus


      its all about that @outlook fam

    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      I'm more of an @yahoo guy myself 

  20. I love my dad

    1. EDEN


      I love your dad

    2. RocketTots


      I love that @eden loves your dad

    3. Yannv


      I love that both of you loves Dutch's dad.

  21. NA happy hour when 

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