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  1. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    Thank you for this recomendation, i did myself severals quests until find the most apropriate quest for find most rappys. I liked the respective tomorrow and randon attack xrd stage, many rappys appeared. Also appeared in: Maximum Atack U: Temple Vilanius Malicius uprising#1 (but this is clock quest, need high lvl). Was fun, found 2 mag cell 502 and mag cell to chu chu. taking advantage of the subject, where can i find that mag cell for angel wings?
  2. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    OMG...maybe i never saw this or never noticed this detail. How many times this occur per day ?
  3. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    im not understand, all names of monsters always show in white letters. You have some printscreen with green names for i can see?
  4. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    sorry for my noob experiencie, but what is green names?
  5. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    nice, thanks. edit: i just did maxium attack 2, and just have a room with a lot hildbears, and thats all, none rappys... ill keep try to find a suitable quest.
  6. AndreBR

    Halloween Event 2019

    anybody know any quest in ep2 where they appear more halo rappy to get the laterns?
  7. Table, how u survive in caves? mines? its impossible? with normal mag, normal equips. I only do forest, and suffer a lot to kill hildetor. Not have a chance to get better sword, gun or partisan. Im so lost.
  8. Where i find an explanation of every quest on this server? There some guide explanation all quests? Like lvl recommended? how many monsters in that? Quick quest or take too long to do it? Fun quest? or not so fun?
  9. I would like suggestions from you, what to do when you get lvl100, simple equips, with mag yet to level up. Many say to do ttf until you get nauseated, but I don't see it being fun. I wanted to enjoy the game, and not suffer so much to kill the monsters. It's so weird not to have a healthy progression when you get to lvl100, because from hard to very hard it's ok, but when you get to the ultimate it gets really weird. So what do you recommend me to do? humar lvl100 to lvl110? lvl120? lvl130? ranger lvl100 to lvl110? lvl120? lvl130? Fomar lvl100 to lvl110? lvl120? lvl130? thank you.
  10. Hello all, It bothers me a lot to have only 30 item spaces in the character's storage, don't you think? Is there no way to change this in the game database? Alright that when they released this game in 2004, they would probably have this limitation, but today it is possible to have terabytes of spaces, is that looking for the source code of the game is not possible to increase these spaces? For me if it is possible to double the spaces in the character and storage I would find it much better. 60 in character and 400 in storage. Pls, look that, thanks.
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