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  1. How much for the Cent/Minds & Cent/Ability?
  2. That Ronald McDonald insanity drove me insane, has anyone made it though the whole video..?
  3. Posts about pet peeves.
  4. Deal, Also, mark me down for the 50 hit rambling may.
  5. Ill take the striker unit for now. How much please?
  6. fuhk it!
  7. Ehh, he can have them for 15.
  8. Ill give you 10 Pds for them right now! lol.
  9. If the x4 new years cards are still available I would really like to take those off your hands. Please PM me.
  10. Looking for one with hit somewhere between 25-50. Have lots to trade. Pds and Dts to offer as well. PM me please.
  11. Dropped a Login on Whitil Ep2 Sinow Zoa....Idk if it can drop both that and SOV, but there may be a mistake. not sure though
  12. Is this a Diablo reference? That would be very very interesting to incorporate a Horadric Cube or Kanai's Cube with recipes for events, only PSO styled up.
  13. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to those who are still active in the guild and haven't had the chance to become acquainted. I don't see a lot of PRO team members online very pften, and the last posts I see on the guild channel are dated 2014 and earlier. Were is everyone! Look forward to becoming good guildy's with yall.
  14. I regret spending over 350 dollars getting my Dream Cast online, buying a BBA, a fresh copy of the game, countless hours burning server boot discs and purchasing a DC keyboard to JUST right after all of that, discover this FREE server. Well...Relatively "free" server.
  15. Ahh, thanks. Just cleared it out. 30 PDs for this? Are you able to meet in game atm?
  16. I would love to take that ADEPT off your hands. PM me please.
  17. Looking to purchase an Agastya Mag spec'd for Fo. Something like 25/0/0/175 or close to. Please PM me if you have on available.
  18. Yes, that makes good sense. I guess I never noticed it though.
  19. Im curious why you would want to remove DP. Everything else looks very interesting. I might even add, remove all combo locks from all weapons, but i'm highly doubtful it will ever happen.
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