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  1. So I've been debating what music I should use for this video. Obviously there should be PSO music and not GoldenSun music but I've listened to the old PS games fighting themes and none of them seem fitting enough for the animation style. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................
  2. Here's another hobby I picked up years back it's unusual for a New Yorker to be playing the Banjo but I couldn't resist learning how to play one. It's a really weather-worn banjo, I bought it back in 2011 and it's been with me all over the USA and across the world so unfortunately it's permanently out of tune and I'm too lazy to fix it
  3. Right on. Lo-fi is perfect for studying. I always use Lo-fi in my videos. Here's a video I never posted cause it wasn't animation but rather just edited footage. The beat is Tajima Hal - Nothing To Smoke
  4. Haha you like Jinsang eh? No this one is Saib - Spike Spiegel
  5. Here's a bump. Don't mind the Japanese. One of them is a math joke.
  6. Anyways. My real name is Diego. I'm Colombian and Dominican. I speak Spanish and Vietnamese. I guess I've been a bit more active here since I was permabanned from Ephinea. I'm toxic as fuck apparently. I'm from Brooklyn New York, I hold a PhD in Pure Mathematics, graduated last fall. Now I live in HCM (Saigon), Vietnam teaching English. I make PSO content though I don't think the PSO community appreciates it much but eh whatevs I have fun making them anyways. I'm a casual as fuck PSO player, honestly I prefer horror games. Here's a pic of me right after I shaved my beard cause I was scaring too many Asian students looking like a prisoner.
  7. Here you go. I put 0 time into this but you get the idea. It was originally a Schthack pic. I google whatever png Ultima logo I could find and just threw it in there with a new background.
  8. Added a few new things. There's a long pause in the video because I plan on adding an ability selecting phase there like a typical turn-based RPG. I was debating on whether I should shrink the characters down a bit since I'm not left much room for more enemies / players. I've been working backwards as in I'm adding new things that hadn't come to mind when I first started, it's a pain in the ass but I think it'll makes things look much nicer.
  9. Someone made a video about me
  10. Been working on something
  11. Haha wow I haven't toked in a looooooong time
  12. :^) No hard feelings to Ephinea. I'm being completely honest. It's my favorite server. I can understand my forum ban, however, my in-game ban was completely unjustified. So to kick start my return to content creation why not state the obvious? A big fat BAN from my favorite server.
  13. haha nice bird
  14. beard thread
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