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  1. I LIVE for being that guy jk but bro seriously I feel you.
  2. you have a guide for the photon crystals too?
  3. Looking to buy a Cent battle! Hoping to get it for a stack of PD's or something. I've got like 7 random DTs I'd like to get rid of so hopefully I can trade those away and add a few pd's too.
  4. B> Cent/Battle for 1 stack of PD's
    babes plz

  5. I wish there was a way to know what GM stood for...

  6. Mind Rati would be a terrible idea tbh. it's special would cast lvl 3 shifta + deband, which you could do yourself at a much higher level if you have MST. You'd be wayyy better off with any mag that gives Invincibility as a special. If you're dead set on a Mind Rati I could probably find you a guide, but I wouldn't think it would be pratical.
  7. how much for crazy tune with hit?
  8. give your min price then my dude
  9. B> DF SHIELD <333

    1. Auli'i


      Did I miss something? Why is everybody buying DF shield all of the sudden?

    2. McLaughlin86
  10. Need a PPP mag, From The Depths, and a hug. HMU if you tryna help ya boi out.

  11. Max Power Telusis, can transform it myself at proper level.
  12. Was a great event. I know it. you know it. everyone knows it. 10/10 best event ever muah
  13. Dorsal fin hurts 1 like = 1 prayer god bless

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