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  1. Realllly fun and cool idea nice one, i'll have to give it a think myself!
  2. S> 2 Cent battle 22 dts each

    S > 5 Post 7 dts

  3. Just got goosebumps listening to the menu music, it's so good too i forgot about this but idk what i prefer 😧
  4. Played this on the gamecube growing up and it really is one of the best mario games out there
  5. i'm down for it too, got some recovery time off now, but i have no knowledge in challenge mode so i'm in the same boat
  6. We do have a good community here, you will get alot of help, answers and the forum is also filled with useful info such as drop charts in case you may of forgot what to hunt within 17 years of not playing. This game is almost the same age as me which is worrying but i started playing due to my mum being a pso sweat on the gamecube when online hit. You'll probably see me around as the one and only Subzero, welcome! o/
  7. What was the drop, then check with the drop chart
  8. Ultimate, and are you sure? to my knowledge all ids drop SS
  9. Not sure lol, but i wasn't the one to confirm so i canny take it
  10. Centurion/Technique - Episode 1 - Nano Dragon - Bluefull - Ultimate
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