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  1. 5 Years.  Its been 5 years and I'm finally back here.  At this stage its fairly obvious that our paths will probably never cross again, a fact that I will never fully be able to accept but that's life isn't it?


    I find myself back here because I thought "Hey, I'll play PSO again sometimes" but ultimately I don't think I can, and may not ever be able to again.  However, these last few years I had gotten to reflect upon myself.  I've finally moved forward.  I hold a nice job, and surrounded by wonderful friends.  


    Alot of drama happened here.  The bottom line is my losing you as a friend is my own fault, and sometimes in life there are no second chances.  This is a hard lesson, and one I'll accept.  You'll probably never see what is being said here, but I still wanted to pay homage to the short but amazing friendship I had with you.  Ultimately, (or should I say Ultima?) the value of this friendship I had realized was more valuable than even the crush that sent me into a dark spiral back then.


    So, I wanted to show some gratitude.  I miss you, and wherever you are I hope you are both safe and happy.  I'm sorry for the way I acted, and I'm glad I got to meet you.  I wanted to pay respects to your profile here, whether you see this or not nor do I care who sees this.  


    PS, you had amazing music taste.  So, I leave something here back.  And I truly wish you and your family and loved ones are safe alongside you.  Thank you for everything.


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