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    1. Shiva


      stumbled over it, so gonna share it.

      made it a few years ago, while making tests for someones.

    2. McLaughlin86


      not bad dude.

    3. Shiva
  2. Sunflowers spin in gaps in the sky, where clouds go.
    When flower petals cascade like Fireworks, you hide.
    I sigh...
    The line that comes to my lips is no good.
    Its a lie...
    Its a dream...
    Welcome summer days.
    A lost picture of summer.
    But... Lets draw it one more time.
    The peeled off picture of a sunshower.

  3. Happy b-day man

    and have a good One :D

  4. Our hearts lash out to mourn,
    which salty eye water form.
    For the loss ones from tyranny,
    in return gain purity.
    We rest assured till a new day,
    where we may pray.

  5. Happy Birthday bro :3

  6. Happy Woof day!

    may the holy dw be with u :3

  7. A lady in a lavender dress dances gracefully in a field of daisies and violets. She looks as if dancing with someone, her long lost love, but to everyone else, she is dancing with merely the atmosphere. She never misses a step. Perfection. Each time she turns you catch a glimpse of her face, she is smiling a beautiful smile. Though her sorrow may last a lifetime, she will smile as long as she knows her lover is with her. In her heart, in her soul. They are one. There is no music playing aloud, yet you still seem to hear it. She dances to her own melody, one that has never been heard before. It is a beatific melody that shall play forever in her heart and to whom ever may witness her beautiful dance. She dances every day, even if it is pouring rain, she will dance. To this day she can still be seen dancing in the field of where her and her lover have been buried. Only a chosen few can see her, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will never forget such a beautiful sight.

    1. Sabrina


      this is so beautiful i read it with tears in my eyes today its 10 years ago i lost my grand mother and i still see her sometimes her face her smile and till the day of today i still miss her so much she was like a mom to me this text is realllyyyy beautiful <3 

    2. Shiva



      im sure she is still watching u with a smile

  8. :onion112: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3

    1. Noopy


      Thank you ♥


    Don’t count candles,
    See the light.
    Don’t count years,
    Enjoy your life!


    1. Auli'i


      Thank you!

      Also, that little poem is super cute

  10. The sun is casting shadows,
    an afternoon is fading.
    I ask, but no one knows,
    the answer to the question.
    My life is like an island,
    where does this ocean go?

  11. Shiva


    1. Noopy




    2. R-78


      THANK YOU !!

  12. Im never in my waking life,
    dreaming is my all the time.
    wheather its the weather,
    or my mind its all too much.

    callin' in the frigid wind,
    a whisper is my dearest friend.
    leading me along a lilly laden twisting trail.

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    2. Shiva


      Well, I used to write poems, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    3. radezz


      Thank god it wasnt an arrow to the hand or you wouldnt be able to talk XD

    4. Shiva
  13. In the short time we have to play out our lives,
    We get swept off our feet by the calm.
    Remaining with the memories we'll always have,
    Spinning them into two spirals and then they fade away.
    As for me, I will sing the song of the present,
    That's all I can do, be singing and talking.
    I won't remember what happened at that time,
    But it's been engraved in my heart, so let me go.

  14. Happy Birthday ^^

    1. Ah Chua

      Ah Chua

      thank you :)

  15. Don't think, feel....it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!

  16. Happy birthday bro


    may the taco be with u

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Thanks a bunch bro!

  18. You have got it all,
    you lost your mind in the sound.
    There is so much more,
    you can reclaim your crown.
    you are in control,
    rid of the monsters inside your head.
    put all your faults to bed,
    you can be king again.

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