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  • Birthday September 30

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    Raziel...... I am SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!! sometimes :D
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    Not Telling
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    Berlin, Germany & Block 1 in Lobby 13
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    I love to be Creativ: picture program Photoimpression 2000, motion capture videos, (pic per pic animation), Drawings, sewing, cook,
    some creative Events
    I Love Entertainment: Classic and old school Video Games from the 80´s and 90´s (I am a SEGA Child ;D), Movies, series and Anime, but i am not a Otaku.

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  1. Du kartoffel hast geburtstag und weißt es warscheinlich nicht mal.

    hau rein altes haus :onion99:

    1. Digi Ferox

      Digi Ferox

      Oha, Danke Yuga, habs erst jetzt gelesen^, how nice of you =^.^=

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