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    Gaming, Magic the gathering, PSO, retro gaming, Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop games), Cards agginst humanity.

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  1. Lost account info

    yea got it back this post can be locked
  2. Lost account info

    I forgot my account info to get in and am trying to get back on my account. I remember the user being soulless30 or something like it..
  3. to make one that saves like that you need to save it in a way that it keeps the alpha in the dds file for import. if you want we can talk of this in pm and I can likely get you the textures you need made with the alphas
  4. Working on new plans.. a Theme setup for psobb. I'll make an post on it later

    1. griffeni


      auili confirmed for vampire

  5. Back to my hunts I will be.. again

    1. R-78


      Hello again

  6. Wishing users could set the back banner on our profiles ourselves.. given art constraints..

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Frethia Runo

      Frethia Runo

      Cy or Kajax either way beat me to it lol

    3. Cyane



    4. Larva


      its working for users now.

  7. Hunting my own things currently

  8. Odd never noticed that myself.. maybe I just have so much TP regen on normally for that fight and enough fluids to rehydrate every football and soccer team in the world that I never truely noticed the difference.. Tho haveing the v801 does make the speed a bit faster for it. Then again this is why I play casts or my Newearl.
  9. in reguards to what Fyre said all of its right but little tidbit for Vol Opt in Normal - Vhard, RAzonde is the better option if its high level due to the ability of a force to lock them in one spot behind the wall
  10. Another mag bug

    my mag was doing that to. from 50 the change wont lock in tell lvl 55, so just raise it like normal and at 55 if will lock in the form
  11. Hello there all

    I allready do, tho am not to fond of being stuck with my current face but it don't matter as an old SCHThack player has revived here.. Lumania. (Yes the very same lumania thats on Shinasura's frozen mines)
  12. Hello there all

    Hello, I'm an old PSO player and loved the series from sense the Dreamcast (God shows I am old) however. I know a fair bit about BB as well. I'm glad to see theres a server around. but allow me to use what I saw to introduce myself Name: Frethia Runo Age: 35 Preferred contact method: PM in here or on ship Hobbies: PSO, Gaming, Being random, RPGS, and Magic The Gathering Picture: I'll add one when I feel the want to. A little more about your self: I'm a simple gamer who has been gaming sence the Nintendo and has been playing Phantasy Star and the Online versions sense Phantasy Star 2. I've missed this old game so I decided to give it a shot at starting over. I am an old member from another server whos sense turned to coming to somewhere a bit more open minded