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  1. Hey man your stuff is really wonderful thank you for sharing it, I really love it! And thanks to everyone else who helped me out here, I guess I'm gonna stick around in those lobbies more to listen to em haha
  2. Yo! i was playing PSO the otherday and it was playing a really nice guitar version of the VGM "Door into Summer" from the 32X game Knuckles Chaotix. I have been looking around for it if anyone has a link I'll love you forever.
  3. Wishyy


    Yo I'm Wishyy I'm an Aussie, I recently have been playing this game for a good week or two now. I consider myself a retro enthusiast and so taking a look at PSO was on the radar. I found the game via HappyConsoleGamer's video about it. I am really enjoying myself even if i don't understand all the mechanics. I have grabbed some of my closest friends in real life to check out this game and so we now play it together. I'm eager to meet you all even if we are newbies and may not offer much!
  4. A mate and i have just started playing this game, we kinda lost what to do but want to really give this game a chance. Anyway good way to start?
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