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  1. We participated because people were claiming how unfair it was that you were participating with Saith, so we felt like turning up.
  2. Nah 2P is the best. Way more fun than 4P imo, especially in 2C4 (the best stage)
  3. Here's the video for the 36:00 run. The setup is P1 FOnewearl and P2 HUcast.
  4. Well here's a time. Unfortunately no handgun dropped this run which didn't help, as we had some desync issues in Area 4 where I had to run away and waste time. I'd argue a proper time for this quest would be around 31~33 minutes, although with the drops on Ultima I'm not sure if that's possible without running the same quest for 6 months. I'll PM you the video once it has uploaded, it's a rather large file. I'm assuming they're well-known here, but the extra UI elements are Soly's PSOBB Addon for Eidolon's Lua Plugin which just shows some data, and does not give any actual benefit to getting a faster time. Regarding the "P1/3" route, 2C2 splits up the party numerous times (Area 1, 3, 4 and 6) depending on your colour dot, and if players were to force themselves to be the Red and Yellow dot, they wouldn't have to split up which is not the aim of the level.
  5. Well I have a run already, although it cuts off when I'm warping to when I'm warping to P2. I think I might have it going to the lobby but not sure, if not I have the character with the time that I can screenshot. Was definitely Ultima though, because the drops suck so much here we didn't even get a handgun・・・
  6. Out of curiosity, when and where do you want times posted? PM to keep it seekret, post publicly whenever or only post times at the end?
  7. I'll be playing with @lostfish.
  8. You can't SN glitch with melee weapons, what are you talking about? The way it works is that you start another attack before the previous attack actually lands. This is not possible with any melee weapon other than slicer, since that has a projectile. (though with C/Battle I wouldn't be surprised if it's possible with attacks like Lavis Cannon spec and DF spec) Specifically, you can SN (or SS or HN or whatever is appropriate) with the following weapons: - Slicer - Handgun (max range) - Rifle (max range) - Mechgun (max range, only 2 shots of the previous volley will get glitched unless ghosted shots) - Shot (max range, although this is easier with weapons like the Baranz Launcher) - Cards Edit: Thinking about it, I've never used Ultima's Cent/Battle so I don't know if you need max range for these. Melee SNS definitely does not work though.
  9. Normal attacks are affected by hit %, why wouldn't it be? All three attacks work off the same formula, but normal is 1.0 ATA, hard is 0.7 ATA and special is 0.5 ATA. (1.0/1.3/1.69 for the 1/2/3 combo as well) Personally though, I just see Ultima as its own thing, and just play elsewhere for a more balanced/vanilla-like experience. PS: I would personally not recommend making techs do decent damage on Episode 2 enemies at all. I think it is far more interesting that a different approach towards enemies has to be taken as FO, instead of just being able to brain-dead nuke like the other 2 episodes.
  10. Considering that most stuff cannot hit Deldepths well even with vanilla stats (unless they are frozen), Fyrewolf's example is also not great because Slicers can use the "SNS glitch" which allows you to get a special attack with the accuracy of a normal attack. "SSN" is a similar one for where even a second normal attack will not work. There's also a massive difference between "it can connect" and "it rarely connects". Just because something can hit doesn't mean it's fair.
  11. Here are all the activation %s from the ItemPMT file (if there's any custom mags on Ultima, I don't have them):
  12. For the Lost E2 quests, Lee scripted those and SEGA scripted the Lost E4 quests as well, since we're talking about credits. Lost Chaos Calibur uses script from one of the Lost VR quests, and Lost Heart Breaker uses script from Lost Devil's Scepter (both scripted by Lee). Both Lost E4 use Lost Heat Sword's script, which is by SEGA.
  13. Everyone still hunts solo even with this drop system, because everyone has different aims and goals (and play at different times), meaning people rarely sync up when they're hunting. Of course, with how Ultima events are handled, I would assume an individual drop system would make people play together for the events at least. At the very least, this drop system just makes multiplayer more rewarding when actually played.
  14. Larva already makes over $1,000 a week from "donations", so he doesn't need anything.
  15. Nothing optional/extra is included in the next release of Tethealla. It's just a straight up PSOBB emulator. Soda was considering adding it, but then decided to keep what makes Ephinea unique to itself.
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