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  1. i used 1 of my characters for 2 of em and 1 for the other 2. this is my other character. i had to put these in a link because they were too large for one post lol. My favorite mag is always gonna be Agastya X)

    How much do you pay for the excalibur?

  3. I changed my password before I went to work. Hopefully this doesn't happen again and hopefully you'll be able to get things fixed to the way they were for me. If you can get my items back for me I would be so very grateful.
  4. My Guildcard: 42155829 Character: All of my characters lost some items. Date/Time: 1/16/2016 - 5:13pm (Server Time) (This is the time i found out about this problem) I'm not 100% sure if it was a bug or someone hacked into my account but i lost my Red Ring (min), Heaven Striker (20hit), Psycho Wand, Magical Piece, Summit Moon, Glide Divine, God/Technique, Limiter, Heart of Angel, Heart of Devil, Ashura Mag Cell, and my Agastya is somehow now an Elenor mag (has same stats but i'd like to get my Orange Agastya back). Before with my items: http://imgur.com/AHnCWgN http://imgur.com/e306sOX http://imgur.com/DRp9g5v http://imgur.com/I1Kaf0o http://imgur.com/KSxj9W2 http://imgur.com/AHnCWgN After without my items: http://imgur.com/lpaRL9E ]http://imgur.com/o7GpEeC http://imgur.com/tAUO4MX (If you could somehow Rollback my characters to 12/27/2015 at about 3:52pm (server time) that is the time when i made the screenshot of the Red Ring, that would be great.)
  5. I was making 2 pow Satos last night and when i just came back on the stats changed. i need help! plez. Stats were 5/7/41/0 now they are 8/7/38/0 GC#: 42155829 Slot of character: 3
  6. Sorry for the constant posts but I tried depositing the mag again and it worked! But when I took the mag back outta the bank it turned into a baby mag. So it's stats are now 5/0/0/0
  7. I just found out it's the mag. again, I don't know what it is but when I try to deposit it, it makes me disconnect again
  8. when I try to feed my Namuci mag a monofluid with my HUmar I keep disconnecting. I don't know why or what to do. If someone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.
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