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  1. I don't think the rate for MS ever changed. 1/157 is not as easy as it sounds, that's 3x harder than RR on whitill, and it becomes 1/262 with DAR included in a 4P room.
  2. DTs or ou can also add hit to enemy part weapons for Photon crystals in Claire's Deal.
  3. Henlo to R-78 2b

    1. R-78


      Look closer, actually R-2B.

  4. Interesting this is the same thing people tell me on this side of the world. Listing starting points of every 3 hours HH in this month, my time (GMT +2) 00:00 Tuesday, October 01 01:41 Tuesday, October 01 04:45 Wednesday, October 02 18:37 Wednesday, October 02 04:50 Thursday, October 03 22:00 Thursday, October 03 04:26 Friday, October 04 01:14 Saturday, October 05 04:10 Sunday, October 06 21:02 Sunday, October 06 20:57 Tuesday, October 08 05:02 Friday, October 11 22:18 Friday, October 11 00:18 Saturday, October 12 15:42 Saturday, October 12 (now) Feel free to convert the list to your timezone (I don't know what it is) and tell me if it was unfair to you. Preferably in a PM because we are unnecessarily pinging all the topic followers. And just so you know, it was not the only HH in the Week End I planned to do, and I am sure Serverus and Protoss will do some as well.
  5. @Soly Happy Solyday!

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  6. I asked because I can't have my custom BGM's work for CCA and Episode IV areas, those ogg files don't work like the other ones for some reason Thanks though
  7. I already added the shield stats in original topic last week
  8. Just so everyone knows, official stats and picture of Ganondorf Shield have been added to the original topic.
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