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  1. Pay in dt or dt. Or combination of both. Thank you. PM
  2. thats really cool that you used the translator. do you need one to add or change the special to any weapon or just s ranks, do you need one and already have the other two.
  3. i have nearly 40 + hp material let me know when you need them < ill go to sleep soon
  4. dude i think your in bocks is full do you need the mr nakas business card i have no idea the quote your looking for or anything.
  5. do you still have the bannon cannon and soul booster for sale
  6. v801 cent mind for 12 pd. a
  7. want to meet me here no w like the next 15 mins
  8. ill get your sof and if you still have pds i might be able to use dt
  9. i am going to log on and equip heart container?would you be willing to meet up around 11 o clock i can negotiate a price depending on the event i comes from triforce event i am correct. i could sell to you for 15-22 pd willing to trade. ill pm you if my price is wrong.
  10. i got cha with the hp mats let me know when
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