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  1. That would be totally broken. In just one attack of 4 bullets you could reduce a monster's health to 0.4% With the rifle range do you realise it is just going to outclass every single demon weapon in this game? Yasminkov 9000M, Samba Fiesta, TypeME/Mechgun, Bringer's Rifle, Hand of Justice...
  2. Congratulations guys for the confirmed drops so far. Here are some revelations about the drop tables to save you some pain: Centurion/Battle drops on ultimate from Dark Falz: Purplenum and Redria (Whitill was removed this year for people willing to hunt Red Rings) Olga Flow: Pinkal and Viridia Kondrieu: Oran and Yellowboze Epsilon: Skyly and another ID All boss location drops have been made about twice easier than last year The second section ID for Epsilon has a slightly better drop rate than Skyly. Serene Swan drops on ultimate from Gran Sorcerer from episode II on All section IDs Drop rate: 1/1489
  3. Locking this topic. Serene Swan is not getting nerfed. Good luck and enjoy the hunt everybody
  4. I personally am fine with just removing the rifle range... Because it actually was never supposed to have both Rifle range and 4x Bullets. The event was late already, there have been some misunderstandings in the staff so we sincerely apologize about that late change. The drop rate is ~1/1500, may sound hard but actually not that hard. There are 80 sorcerers in MOTV part 1, assuming you take 15 minutes to clear it, that is an average of 93 min 45 secs to get a Serene Swan on shared style during Happy hours. Of course you certainly also want to hunt other items and not farm that lame quest only, but you have 4 weeks for this event. Larva wanted that event to last 4 weeks, which makes it the longest supposed event of the year. What's one dedicated full Happy hour to hunt the brand new and cool item in the whole 4-weeks-event? Some people might be unlucky and need lot more runs to find one, but sadly we can only blame RNGsus. I know people who found it in 2-3 runs, and up to 2 SS in the same run. If the weapon gets Grind nerfed (although I don't hope it happens) I am going to refund anyone who used grinders on it. @Ricardo Gomes no one can know how good or bad exactly an item will be before actually experiencing it, there are many games that constantly do updates to nerf/buff classes in order to balance the game. @Soly worked hard enough to get that item to work.
  5. Zabby

    Can you not visit my profile please, thanks

    Completely inappropriate.

    I am disappointed

    1. R-78


      I had to so I could add the promised 555 dts to your account but ok.

      Won't do it anymore.

  6. Have you tried to set a lower resolution in the Launcher options?
  7. Ok the Veteran promotion system has been updated and it is 100% automatic so please no revolution

  8. Henlo rawbutt dad, bleep bloop.

    1. R-78


      Who are you?

  9. For magics, Fonewearl and Fonewm are the strongest classes. The latter is a little more powerful with GI/RA techs but is slower at casting spells with an equipped weapon. It has a tech boost to Foie techs, so it's pretty decent. Just a little correction, Samurai armor boosts all RA techs. If you are going to stick with just one armor for technique spam in episode IV, then Samurai armor is by far the best choice. (also DMC doesn't depend on the amount of damage dealt)
  10. If it is about the pride of getting a rare item, you have the 10 ID cards already (it's lame there is no banner for them though) If it is about efficiency of such rare item, I can already see people farm it like there is no tomorrow and get burnt of PSO and disgusted as they don't get it and there is no other place to farm them... I'd like to give ID cards an incredible ATP or ATA boost to make them more unique since you can put any special to them. We could consider Arrest Needle as the "free man's Dark Meteor", as for the special: as Dutch Ride mentionned. Rianov-5 is yet another underused weapon because of DM. (especially strong against Dal ra lie and Barba ray for instance) DM has by far the most powerful special of this game. PGF is the most expensive item of the game and PB is undervaluated already, hence why I don't mind it being by far better than any other RA-boost tech weapon. You still have Quasar Staff for 60% Rafoie boost. If we really had to make a boost level between those two items (PW/PB), I would honestly rather have Prophets of Motav buffed. This weapon is exactly what you said: "One ID to farm one monster for a 1/10000 chance for the dream drop" (1/11457 Dark Bringer Oran) but is such useless with its current 25% RA-boost. I found two of them and the only reason I use it is that it looks cool.
  11. - Bloody art must be max grinded (+42) - 650 ATP requirement.
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