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  1. Hello, i'm looking for a mag around 5/0/35/155. I would prefer a light green non-rare mag. But i'm open for any other offer. Comment or PM me. Thx
  2. I take the Asteron Striker. Pm'ed you
  3. I'm buying 8 luck mats and around 50 power mats. 8 luck mats for 2dts And 1dt for 30 power mats
  4. i rly need/want a PoST please, if somebody is out there pls PM me ;P
  5. Buy Asteron Striker for dts. Pm me or write here. Thx
  6. looking for a mind mag (green agastya recomended), mind as high as possible and mind units. write here or pm me thx ;P
  7. Is proof of sonic team still available?
  8. Is proof of sonic still available?
  9. since its rare atm, price is flexible, send me a pm so we can talk about it. ;P
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