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  1. B> Halo Rappy Soulx3

  2. B> Halo rappy soul x3

  3. S> my Soul for a Cent/battle





    My 100 Souls that is xD 0/0/40/35/80 or 45dts

  4. S>100 Souls 0/0/40/35/80 Hit

    45dts or a Cent/Battle

  5. S>100 Souls 0/0/40/35/80

    45dts or Cent/Battle

  6. S> 100 Souls 0/0/40/35/80

    45dts or a Cent/Battle

  7. S>100 Souls 0/0/40/35 80 hit 60dts or a Cent/Battle and 15dts

  8. B>Cent/Arms PM me

  9. B>nothing for now ty everyone

    Edited by Yan44
  10. S>Baranz 100dark 75hit 30dts

    S>WD Max Def 20dts

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      hi bro do u trade the  baranz for another thing?

    2. Yan44


      maybe chromatic orbx2?  1 bpc? or do u have a trade list i can see?

    3. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

       any other wants? pm me with the wants pls

  11. S> Baranz 100dark 75 hit 30dts

    S> AS 40hit 20dts

    S>WD Max def 20 dts

    Edited by Yan44
  12. S> Baranz 100dark 75 hit 30dts

    S> AS 40hit 20dts

  13. S>Baranz 100 dark 75 hit 30dts S>AS 40hit 20 dts

  14. S>Baranz 100dark 75 hit 60dts or offer

  15. S> Baranz 0/0/0/100/75 Offer Pm me. 

    Edited by Yan44