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  1. T> TypeSH/SHOT 80hit  for Cent/battle

    1. Howitzer


      whats the special?

  2. My very first character was Vir didn't know it was bad till lv153ish I just quit her >_>
  3. B> Cent/mind 10pds

  4. S> Asteron Striker 00/50/35/00

  5. Someone sell me a Gi Gue's body for 1pd? D;

  6. So happy Bean is fixed :D

    1. Tera


      Nice! I'm glad :)

    2. tru


      I'm happy for you also!

  7. T.T hope Bean will be ok

    1. Cyane


      will be perfect once we cook him :3

    2. Soly


      Already told protoss :)