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  1. B>Bomb-Chu with good %s no hit pm me

  2. Found a Bomb-Chu in ep4 doing m4 on white but didn't see what dropped it.
  3. T> TypeSH/SHOT 80hit  for Cent/battle

    1. Howitzer


      whats the special?

  4. My very first character was Vir didn't know it was bad till lv153ish I just quit her >_>
  5. B> Cent/mind 10pds

  6. I also dislike buffed monsters I think it should be more like the more people that join the harder it gets, so solo is like regular and as more people join the monsters get buffed. I like to join people and co-op but I like to have the choice of having fun solo, but even at Lv162 with decent gear it's hard to find it fun solo and with the loot ninjas co-op is the same not much fun and makes me not want to play...
  7. S> Asteron Striker 00/50/35/00

  8. Someone sell me a Gi Gue's body for 1pd? D;

  9. So happy Bean is fixed :D

    1. Tera


      Nice! I'm glad :)

    2. tru


      I'm happy for you also!

  10. Ok....not banned anymore :/
  11. Banned after the 2 DC that just happened
  12. T.T hope Bean will be ok

    1. Cyane


      will be perfect once we cook him :3

    2. Soly


      Already told protoss :)

  13. Do you think i will get my stuff back or is it all lost?
  14. http://postimg.org/image/azb99w8td/ the only pic i have you can see my Sorcerer's cane, Angel wings and virus shield but its the only one i have D:
  15. Guildcard: 42148567 Character Slot: 4 Level: 135 i think i leveled recently Materials: I don't remember but not that many so that dont matter Time 26/4 - 9 pm aprox Im kinda new so i didn't really take pics only one i have is from yesterday fighting Vol by mistake D:
  16. I when on my Char today FO newearl and i went in the dressing room to change my look and when i got back on i was lv1 with everything wiped I was using NPC skin 1 if that helps at all (I know i didn't remake he because i could only change hair and outfit
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