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  1. New Family! Heading to Ultima

    Welcome to ultima! If you see some wedge people ingame, it's me ! Don't hesitate to ask for help!
  2. Psobb Error Code 5 help

    Yup if it's unitext said we could need a pict. I don't know if he posted one since I'm with mobile phone atm.
  3. Psobb Error Code 5 help

    Error 5 isnt a firewall issue but an admin. So first try to run as admin. If it's not working it's because your system is configured to limit some program access, if your account have a password you should have to reboot your computer, pression f8 to run it in mode " sans échec " ( safe mode i guess) then you can configure your computer to admin mode and reboot your computer.
  4. hello all

    welcome to ultima!
  5. I think exclusives new quests could be better than taking schta's cause they aren't really interesting. :-(
  6. Do you think we could have more room informations? I know Lee did it for schta, he had add Id of the room members, and more important, ennemy kill count for the room. So wé could easily find cheaters like cyane and soly did ( 56kills within a few minutes) etc
  7. It's been a loooong time.

    Welcome back and enjoy our community and ours events!!!
  8. Belras are debuffed!

    Need your bikini belra cyane !
  9. Farewell

    Goodbye! Wish you good luck with everything in real life!
  10. Without 5 to 15 depends on sellor. with hit a lot more. Its still good to me, best solo target weapons if you don't have psycho raven.
  11. As I'm still a little new here, I don't have a lot of funny things to tell, but I remember my first run with cyane and pawliana in a POD run. Paw needed a limiter and dropped it within her first run. Then in the same evening, I solo dropped 2 heaven striker,and, as I seemed to have a lot of luck, cyane tried to touch my tralala to get some!! when I created an open room just after that, 3 people came to have Lucky charm wedge's luck, it made me laugh :-)
  12. You can do it with fomarl, i think hylian, psycho wand, adepts, mother garb ( or mg+) are some must have.
  13. I feel like im home

    Welcome!! You have found here a great community, always ready to help !!cya in game !
  14. Challenge Mode Meet Up - 11/25/14-11/30/14

    Not a lot of people since s-rank weapons are obtainable with events, Mr naka's card etc
  15. Game crashes after trying to start

    Full screen or window mode ? I had this problem trying to play full screen, but now that I'm playing window mode, there's no more trouble.