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  1. Hype for the Nostalrius/Elysium WoW launch! Anyone here plan on joining?

    1. Auli'i


      I'll watch someone stream it, like I always do. Then I'll realize about 2 weeks into the launch that I don't care, and then I'll eventually return to watch right before the next expansion comes out. This is just about how it goes for every content update when it comes to WoW/SC2

    2. makaveli


      Haha well I hope to see you there it'd be nice to game with someone from pso. I was playing on the Kronos server for about 6 months off and on but this seems to be alot more promising. I didnt have the chance to play on Nost, but I imagine the amount of people that will be there on launch will be HUGE. Especially since everyone will be able to get their characters back that they had before Blizzard shut them down.

    3. Auli'i


      Haha well I don't play WoW at all. I can't stand playing it, but I find the new content interesting so I usually watch all there is to see once when it comes out. I miss when Kripp used to play, because I love Kripp ;-;

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