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  1. Curious that not on here is it? It looks so pfffttt silly shootin bullets instead of rockets
  2. I’ll try to be on today yesterday got stuck at work lol I’ll try to be on today it’s weekend
  3. Ultima Reaper +15 [0/0/0/40|80] 40 dts Still have this? I wanna buy when you get online what times are you on?
  4. Yo can I buy the Yasminkov 2000H +10 [0/0/0/35|75] [Hell]>>40 DTS Hundred Souls [0/0/70/0|40]>>40 DTS? Ill be on tomorrow around 3:00pm pacific coast time in the evening that ok?
  5. Dark flow or DM still in stock and how much they still are?
  6. Yo I’ll be on today all day hit me up in lobby if see me. I played Ramar to! Especially on GameCube Xbox and even sega server psobb one time and schthack old time player back when lee had his whole hacker drama there haha good times. My first character was Saki I believe my Ramarl she was dope with all her OP Equips lol.
  7. I’m on the room is called Bendy Trade
  8. Sure bruh you on now? I’m getting on now
  9. Looking to buy > Iron Faust GuldMilla’s P.S. I’ll be on in one hour 12:00 Pacific Coast Time US, you can pm on forum or on discord Samanosukex2#3651 for faster respond.
  10. Bendymin

    Inks Shop OPEN

    Can pm me on here the times you usually get on I know your on UK time so gimme holler best times on
  11. Bendymin

    Inks Shop OPEN

    I’m gonna be on for hour at this point on so if find Bendymin on or make a game I’ll find it during happy hour especially
  12. Bendymin

    Inks Shop OPEN

    I wanna buy yasimkov 9M’s and asteron striker to one with 2% one. I’m on now
  13. Still have the hit bomb chu? I’ll buy it and the banana cannon. It’ll be nice if still have a syncesta for pd’s and if there’s still ultima reaper I can buy to.
  14. How much for MM’s?
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