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    1. JL3


       que hermosa voz e escuchado esa chica cantando otros temas en español tambien :)


    2. Luis_Rivaille


      See,es bella en todos los sentidos compa

  2. Can't quick swap weapons, tried everything.

    Okay,let me know.
  3. Can't quick swap weapons, tried everything.

    In laptops The CTRL-FN is the trick... Btw The number 1 of the numerical block also works as "end" did you try it?
  4. Habby birthday dude :3 Naruto-Road-to-Ninja-Blog.jpg

  5. Recommended beginner Screen graphics tablets?

    Hi! The price is always what first brings us to our eyes. Even more so in this type of cases in which we look for specific specifications we have in a model and which does not have the other, and why a tablet has a price and another with the same characteristics is cheaper. Obviously, if your budget allows you it is advisable to use a tablet with a screen (without this being the best graphic tablet on the market, with a "regular" is enough), because it is the feeling that is most similar to drawing on paper. real. But if you are starting and your budget is adjusted, it is best to opt for a tablet without a screen, cheaper, but that will allow you to draw digitally. Of course, in a more uncomfortable at first, but equally you will take the skill soon after using it, I assure you.
  6. Behind every coincidence, every stroke of luck, and every miracle, there is inevitably a cold and calculating mind

  7. Meseta Bug/Glitch

    I have been playing the mission simulator 2.0 many times And in the last stage, only drops mesetas of all mobs,all bringers only drops meseta,Long ago I played that mission and before the mobs if they dropped items,but now in the last stage, which is where many bringers come only mesetas drop,We tried that quest many times and we already concluded that it is a bug Can they fix it? Thanks in advance...I will leave you a photo
  8. You lack imagination....

    1. drdingus




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  9. Discord LATINO Phantasy Star Online BB

    Nunca dije que discriminaran,solo que la mayoría no sabe hablar ingles,ademas muchos que no hablan español se han unido de todas formas! Pura vida