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  1. Just when I manage to come back...I wish I had been around for you Sin... I'm sorry for the problems you had to face, but if you have to go...Then best of luck in your future activites - considering my absence I probably have no right to say this...but I'll miss you Bye Bye Sin T^T ... ... ... Oh and for those of you who upset Sin so much through you actions, know that you have suceeded in giving me contempt for everyone else on this server besides the ones I know are above that sort of thing...I hope you're happy
  2. YuTsu

    Halloween Event 2013

    I expect that this information will get put up towards the end of the event, but what is the drop rate on the Ultima Reaper? I'd quite like to get one, but if it's going to take me forever to farm I just wont have the time. Of course, if you don't want to give out this information now, that's alright - it's not that I NEED it, it'd just be nice to have a general idea of the time I might need to put in if I want to try and get one.
  3. On the subject of the hit, as far as i know Raven can only be found in DWBP, so it can't have hit anyway. And the other stats...well wouldnt it just be last swan then? Also, I don't want to sound mean but if this is such a big thing to you, make your own thread about it instead of hijacking someone elses...
  4. It's not anything fancy, but an equivalent of the Psycho Crystal from the summer event but instead for Last Swan? This could perhaps be combined with Psycho Raven to create an upgraded version of Dual Bird as well? I had a few names in mind for the Last Swan and Dual Bird upgrades but quite frankly, I lack the courage to say them - they feel too cheesy Oh fine...you people are mean *Assumes fetal position in corner and cries of embarassment*
  5. I think this is S EHINO's card number 42101980 (Im guessing the number in the log next to each line is the GC number). Unfortunately I only got to see her start a heavy attack - when the attack itself would have been launched my client crashed, I'm assuming because it wanted to play an animation it couldn't find/tried to execute an incorrect animation?
  6. YuTsu

    Hey guys

    Well I won't judge you for what you did in the past, and hopefully everyone else won't either. That being said, Welcome To Ultima! Most people will be happy to lend you a hand, so if you need a hand with something or just want to hunt stuff, don't hesitate to ask - most of us are happy to help! Also, your avatar is the Princess of the Crystal right? I approve - SEIZON SENRYAKU!
  7. I joined an Episode 2 game to help some low levels do Respective Tomorrow, and I encountered this: This RAcaseal was frozen with her arms at her sides, not playing any animations just gliding and jumping (as teleporting) around. When we actually went into VR Temple she was still frozen, and I would have taken another screenshot, but I crashed not long after we started Temple :/. She did attack though that didn't animate either, though there was the power attack graphical effect on her when she did it, but that was when my PSO crashed. Looking at my chat logs, I think the player in question was S EHINO, though I might be wrong.
  8. I was transferring a new mag to my RAcaseal around 8:00PM GMT, I quit to menu from her with around 11K mesteta in inventory, switched to my FOmarl to transfer some items to the RAcaseal, and when I came back with the RAcaseal, I suddenly had about 724K meseta? I did briefly mess around with a HUcast in forest, and he might have dropped a load of money for me without telling me, but unless he did a fortune has been conjured from nowhere @~@ Oh and if I'm going to get rolled back, a little warning would be nice first so I can transfer items off the ranger (like a Last swan and a Rati >.<)
  9. You know what Xceptional, it did happen once more last night - I traded for a Rabbit Wand, and when I went to equip it I got bounced in the same manner as before >~< When I logged back in it was fine though - haven't had any problems with the wand specifiaclly since
  10. That would seem obvious, but I've been disconnected before and the error message stays up - it isn't now, I see it for a fraction of a second (if at all), and then boom, start menu Very briefly, not long enough for me to read it though :/ 42101391
  11. Yesterday (10/07/2013) I was just launched back to the menu screen twice, both times during quests. 1st Time was during wrath of the forest - killed the first wave of Boomas, went to Rabarta the Goboomas and got bounced to the press enter screen instantly with no warning. 2nd time was doing the android quest in Episode 2 (the one at the top of the list in 1p mode). Got to the part where he told me that he couldn't explain the nature of the next trap, saw the Garanz spawn then got bounced. Difference that time was I saw an error message for a fraction of a second - not long enought to read it though. While i can't provide many more details, I mentioned it aloud in the lobby both times after it happened, don't know if that will help much besides pinning down exactly when it happened though. This hasn't caused any problems that are immediately apparent, but it would be nice to figure out what is causing it - it is quite annoying when it happens
  12. I *tried* to play PS2 and PS3. In the case of PS2, the battle system confounded me completely at first and I never really got over it. In the case of PS3, I did play it FOREVER ago, and have completley forgotted how far I got - I think I finished the first generation, but I'm not really sure >~< PS1 is something I'm wary of - if PS2 was a new and improved sequel, I shudder at the thought of how I would handle PS1s battle system
  13. I actually joined the server 2-3 days ago, but I thought it would be sensible to introduce myself here. My first experience with PSO was the gamecube version in summer 2009, and since then i've got a little crazy about PS, played PSU on PS2, PS4 on both the Megadrive, PSP, and PS3, Phantasy Star Portable, and am still playing PSP2. But still, I could not resist the pull of the old classic, but I decided to migrate to the PC version after my GC save data exploded - twice. When it comes to characters, I play a RAcaseal, though I'm considering trying a Force soon. I live in the UK, and my interests/hobbies inculde non-action anime, playing videogames too much and refusing to go to sleep at night I'll probably ask some silly/obvious questions, but I hope I can get along with everyone!
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