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  1. 25/0/0/35 looking for fo stuff or pds
  2. 28 pd,6 def mats,2 hp, 1 pow. that should be around the 35 value lol. i know not the best offer thought i had more pds
  3. just a min trying to find out what the value is these days
  4. take pds for the glide?
  5. how many pds for the glide?
  6. I have the raygun i believe 40hit ill check for sure when i can get in. What kinda offer?
  7. haven't played in about 6 months and decided to try and go on. no longer had the game. So I downloaded 3.0 the window pops up then when I hit start it just shuts off. I tried all the little fixes I saw on forum. made sure the game had permisions and tried all graphic setting to no avail. any help would be greatfull.
  8. I'll take the angel wings and Im curious what your aiming for on the devil wings stat wise
  9. nope Im running around ship 10 but kinda thinking about a switch people arent too frendly there
  10. damn Im in ship 10 lvl 26 why am I just getting the ship 6 memo
  11. Patch works Ive had it on and no ban at least not yet no extra lag just haven't been here lol
  12. damn normally cant stand u since you became a gm godric but that was awesome lol
  13. no one sell him anything ever bwahahahahaha
  14. I totally just bought a shirt that says "f*ck Justin Beiber" too lol
  15. godrics happy he'll no longer get called gay lol. To all the rest of you thank you wish you guys the best
  16. I'm leaving ultima for good this time no longer just a break. Wish you all the best and someone is already getting everything. Help a noob lol. Peace all.
  17. i got it too just clicked proceed anyway
  18. i believe i have a high megid hit me up in game have to look
  19. i got some give me a min and ill count up nm i only got ten must have sold the rest
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