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  1. Ask a quick question, get a quick answer

    Yeah it kinda is an honor system, but if you get cheated you can report and the player will be banned and you'll get your PDs.
  2. Belras still buffed post halloween

    Lol one year they were left until nearly the next Halloween event
  3. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Admittedly I do not know you. Your forum account is only from Jan so I sort of assumed you'd never had a Christmas event here. Regardless, this is not a good time to do something like this. /thread Edit: Just realized how long ago 2016 was lol
  4. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Well by the looks of it you've never hunted PGF here. I think that you should wait and see what it's really like before saying stuff like this.
  5. B> Sato/Nidra/Tellusis  5/148/47/0 with twins, 97 Power Materials, 30 Luck Materials.

  6. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Exactly... an hour for a hunt that is 1/200+
  7. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Well... I get a feeling most of you have never tried to solo Olga. If you're a RA with DM already then sure it's not too bad but as nearly any other class it is tough. I challenge the people in this thread to go rt or sea bed and post how long it takes you to kill olga if you even can alone.
  8. Is this game still still worth it?

    Yeah you freaking suck.
  9. Forest Drop chart.

    I am starting to think this as well lol No, but me as well as others are gonna down-vote you and give you tips so that you don't shit post every time you post lol
  10. You're starting irritate me.

  11. Forest Drop chart.

    You should really familiarize yourself with this website before posting...
  12. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    I think it is very unlucky of you to not get a UR in 25 runs because I did 1 run today on individual drops and got a UR and gave away. It is totally reasonable to not get a RR in 25 runs either.
  13. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    I really think that this thread has gotten out of hand lol, but seriously... if you're not finding something in FIVE runs or in ONE or TWO happy hours then games such as this where you need to put a lot of time into it may not be for you. I have over 3000 hours and I still don't have all the gear I'd want. I've hunted things relentlessly before(mainly PGF) and came up with very little luck. THREE or even FIVE runs of PTS is not enough to say that the drop is broken and I think that is a simple enough concept.
  14. Again with necro... There's no virus, PSO just looks funny to some antiviruses.
  15. Happy birthday old friend.