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  1. Back again!

    Welcome back

    You won't even be able to join the room 6 times. I tried so hard to get in the room today and couldn't all morning lol. Better luck next time

    Thank you finally <3
  4. In the meanwhile...

    It's okay Larva some of us enjoy what you've done here.
  5. event DAR failure lol

    Yes, and people don't like it lol.
  6. Hit Me With A Hit Event... Event!

    It's not a problem... The rate is meant to be hard lol. We've had some of our best players run POD a literal 800 times before being rewarded. If you go look at @under9000 his posts you'll see. STA nearly makes you invincible, so why would it be easy to get? This game in general is meant to be grind in general.
  7. Goodbye

    See ya soon
  8. Hit Me With A Hit Event... Event!

    I would enjoy this very much.
  9. Recording Gameplays

    This may be some of the worst advice I've ever heard. Do not under any circumstance "put a thing stick of wood" in your fans to stop them while the machine is on. Turn the computer off and use a can of air. Don't be afraid to open it either, you don't gotta move anything just blow dust out with a can of air.
  10. Recording Gameplays

  11. Goodbye

    I think it's very distasteful of you to even post on this thread... I think you and your friends played a part in pushing Lemon over and out. Well whatever. Lemon you know I'll be on Discord to talk as usual so I doubt much changes for us haha.
  12. B> Hit Boomerang and hit Kiss of Death

  13. I think you're wayyyyyy out of it here imo. HH is an extra thing. It's like a present. Shouldn't happen just all the time. Also again you bring up your time issue. If you do not have time to plug into this game then of course it's going to be hard. It seems you want this game to be easier to fit YOUR needs.
  14. Show your screenshots

    Old days @kajex @Riot- @frost506 and some others