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  1. Yesterday, I posted this topic on the forum: Absolutely everyone has been SO nice to me since I started playing. This community rocks way more than any modern community. Thank you for everything! I'm glad I found this!
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  2. Haha ya man this community is absolutely fantabulous! Yess!!!!! haha
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  3. McDonald's 12 piece chicken nuggets for 6.99. To take advantage of this offer, click here
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  4. i bet it was the duct tape that fixed it, wasn't it?
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  5. We do have a good community here, you will get alot of help, answers and the forum is also filled with useful info such as drop charts in case you may of forgot what to hunt within 17 years of not playing. This game is almost the same age as me which is worrying but i started playing due to my mum being a pso sweat on the gamecube when online hit. You'll probably see me around as the one and only Subzero, welcome! o/
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  6. I love PSO. I bought a Dreamcast secondhand in 2003 and this was one of the games I HAD to try. I didn't have an online setup so I played single player. I sucked. Couldn't get past Forest 1. Thanks to Covid, I decided to emulate Dreamcast and try again. Got to Caves 3 and can't beat the boss. Then, I decided to see if a community still exists for this game. Found this place. I assume, since it's been 20 years, that there are people absolutely destroying PSO in ways I can't even imagine. Are there still groups playing with beginners? I totally love the atmosphere and
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  7. If duct tape doesn't fix it, you are not using enough duct tape.
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