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    Heya. Name's Zapf, played 1000+ hours of offline PSO on GC back in the day. Recently came across Ultima, and decided to take the plunge! Been playing single player for a bit now, but I'd love to find some people to play with. Currently have a mid 30's RAmar, and am starting a HUcaseal.
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    I've started Ultima PSOBB since this April... however all of my friends from other games stopped playing, so I was inactive for 2 months. But I decided to play this casually again for the Event or just killing time. I used to play vanilla PSO on GC and PSOBB on official JP server(Ya im Japanese.) Idk how to grab a friend here, so please feel free to talk to me EDIT : IT'S TOO SAD THAT I CANNOT DONATE TO THIS SERVER AS PAYPAL BLOCKS DONATION FROM JAPAN..... FFS...
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    You fixed it! My racing steering wheel was moving around my cursor. I unplugged it and that fixed the problem! Thank you so much! I look forward to playing PSO for the first time in about 16 years tomorrow! Thank you!
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    Have you tried uplugging and replugging your keyboard? Is there anything that could possibly be recongnized as a controller plugged in (like an adapter or something?) Does the problem persist even if you restart you computer completely? I guess one way to check if it is the keyboard causing it would be to start pso without the keyboard plugged in, since pso only recognizes things plugged in before it is launched. If it's not the keyboard, maybe some random peripheral is being recognized as a controller and doing something funky.
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    Have you got a controller plugged in? I used to have similar issues on other games because the analog stick of my Xbox 360 pad was a bit worn out and a random direction would always get stuck.
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    Trading Dark Flow for Chinese currency and a case of beer. HMU
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    Welcome! I also spent countless hours playing on GC. You'll love this server. And you won't have any trouble finding cool people to play with because 99% of the players here are some of the nicest you'll ever meet. This really is a great community! Except that Viande guy. Stay away from him.
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    Hi There! Nice to make your acquaintance! I'm Pthalo. I played PSO offline on the GC, too-- but I also have it for the DC. I'm usually apart of the late-night (USA) crowd on the Weekends-- but I main as a RACaseal. Usually I can be found pestering people in the lobby. In real life, I'm very socially anxious, so I use PSO to relax and socialize in its place. If you're ever on around Midnight to 2 AM CST on the weekends, I'm usually down to TTF or something.
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