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    Ultima Deep Dream Event EVENT IS OVER POLL IS OVER AND THE WINNER IS Mayte - Belle selfie Winner gets 15 dts - Mayte 2nd place gets an evp mat - Curry26 3rd banhammer from soly? - Griffeni and Ultra Jerky 4th 20 meseta - Skynub 5th you give me 1 dt :3 (no 5th place :c) tie will receive the same reward, except for first place, that will be settled if it comes to it. (you can choose if you want the "reward" or not) Just a silly event and I love the http://deepdreamgenerator.com program. Rules are simple Go to the the deepdream website from google above and put in a screenshot you have taken from Ultima server only, can be of anything, but from ultima. Only one picture per person, you can edit your submission post if you like to change, but only one, submitting two will get both thrown out There will be a poll later for the most cool/creepy/weird/strange/sp00ky screenshot from the generator Event ends on the 3rd, 1st place prize is 15 dts, much like my other picture event, runner up gets a random trash item (like cross scar) from my bank. Example **After hearing some problems submitting pics to deepdream, you may have to go to paint and change the format, this can be done by saving it as a different format**
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    Little did you guys know Del Rol Le is actually a bird..with a lizard on its head
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    This is a guide with a compilation of plans used for reaching Max Stats on your characters. The goal is to achieve max stats in certain attributes. These stats are divided into: ATP (Attack Points) DFP (Defense Points) MST (Mind Strength) ATA (Attack Accuracy) EVP (Evade Points) LCK (Luck/Critical Boost) In Ultima server every class have increased Max Stats Boost compared to vanilla PSO, that means old max stats plans made for vanilla PSO doesn't work on this server, since there would be an huge gap until reaching the max stat using the old plans. Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP boost for every class. That being said, there's a possibility you won't be able to max everything from certain classes (and it's not really needed to max all stats) due to material slot limitation. It is standardized to max ATP, ATA, LUCK (to achieve maximum accuraccy and raw melee attack power) as a priority for melee based classes, and/or MST, for nuking and force classes respectively, and lastly EVP and DEF when necessary and possible. Generally DEF and EVP aren't very important stats, so these stats can be ignored in most cases as armor and barriers will take care of protecting your character. EVP is interesting for increasing the damage output of certain Photon Blasts like Estlla (final damage output also counts the Synchro and IQ percentage, that means 120% Sync and 200 IQ is needed for maximum damage/buff/heal). DEF is important to decrease the final damage you are getting, discounting Deband and Jellen level, very useful for players that uses sacrificial weapons like Excalibur, Heaven Striker and Dark Flow. There are some classes can only have maxed stats by using special custom mags (obtainable via Donation, Mini-Events or using a Console/Ashura Mag Cell) that can reach stats normally not obtainable with standard feeding charts. Otherwise, you will need a PPP Mag (a 0 DEF mag that is a reward players get from completing Power Plant Plight - Episode II quest), useful for replacing the 5 DEF points with more important stats. ⚠️If you use a Console/Ashura Mag Cell/Ultima's Engine!/other mag cells on a PPP/Default mag that doesn't have all 3 Photon Blasts, you won't be able to add new PB's to the said mag, as it will not evolve anymore after becoming rare (green/yellow name). Kit of Mark 3 (refer to this website to understand how console mag evolution works) Ashura Mag Cell is obtainable as a random item from Easter Eggs and Christmas Presents Ultima's Engine! is obtainable on Anniversary Event as a drop from specified bosses ⚠️You can find details of all armor/units/mags/shields used for these plans on Ultima's official wiki. ⚠️You can build your own plan using Ultima's official calculator. There are multiples builds for each character, depending on your preference. Generally it is more efficient to choose for plans that requires less Units, so you can use other interesting units that may improve your gameplay (Centurion/Battle, V801, V502, Smartlink, PB/Increase, Centurion/Resist etc.) CREDITS Fyrewolf5 - for collaborating with an huge ammount of max stats plans, sharing his PSO knowledge and contributing for the creation of this guide Soly - for developing Ultima's Max Stats Calculator R-78 - for collaborating with several plans available on this guide TripleR - for making "0 DEF and HUcast" C/Arms PPP mag feeding guides JADE - for making the "0 DEF" guide for mind mags and collaborating with many useful tips Noob Saibot (a.k.a. Yannv) - .... Honorable Mentions Cyane, Lemon, Rodrigo Chacon, Night orgodemirk - for making the very first max stats calculator Misombre - for hosting orgodemirk's max stats calculator
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    HH started. 3 hours left!
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    That face though... I think I've seen him somewhere before... <,< Fun event! xD
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    for sure i wish to return to pioner 2 lol
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    XD I think I've stepped into hell... I dunno, I might end up changing this one lol.
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    A friend of you I guess, sent me a message... I told him I would check it out.
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    Just started 2 mins ago! 180 left
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    Indeed power and mind are often interchangeable. The only reason it's done with 0 mind on the mag is in case a player does not want to get any extra mst on their character for some reason, so it's easier to standardize mags (so people can raise them in batches and sell them) and then have players customize their mats to fit. It's certainly possible to do the setup you suggested, you just won't often find someone that has that kind of mag for sale unless specifically requested with those kinds of stats.
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    That 3rd hucaseal plan isn't a max stat plan, it does say it will be off by like 56 atp (idk why it's even being included, it's a plan for as much as you can get without using a unit, but it's definitely not a "max" plan). A Def+Pow=Dex+Mind equation is generally not as desirable over a Def+Dex=Pow+Mind because the former means a minimum of 50 dex, and the latter a minimum 45 dex, and hucaseal only needs (5/148/47/0) 47 dex to max with an adept unit (hucaseal has hidden .5 ata at 200 that those 5/147/48/0 mags aren't accounting for). You could use the first formula in a cent/ability plan which needs more dex on the mag. My post on the first page has links to all my guides in the quick questions thread, which have detailed writeups and explanations, including 3 different hucaseal plans using various units to max.
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    There's those that just want to max one specific stat, not everybody is looking to be a master in all stats. As a force gotta think a lot on all the units we could be using instead. Pretty much if you want to be a jack of all trades, you waste 3 slots v801/centbattle/v502 and get one?? (probably a centurion mind in the end). Some peoples just want a nuke force to go and that leaves space to play around a bit better with the stats. D: I vote in increasing everybody to 250 mats!! xD
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    tried to give the blade a bit of a curve, i don't think i did it too well T^T
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