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  1. Draw these or add these to the first picture, work on them legs!!
  2. All of you just gave me an idea Feel free to post screen shots of stuff you find ^^ Keep finding good stuff out there ^^ Anyone find the event items yet? (post here)
  3. Post your Ultima finds or just post something you accomplished ^^
  4. The good ol' days!!! Welcome to the server, we hope you enjoy your stay. If you need help with anything, we will be glad to help ^^
  5. Welcome, take off your shoes and stay a while ^^
  6. You can also just watch if you're lazy xD (some clicking involved)
  7. Welcome back and hope you enjoy all the new stuff ^^
  8. These shouldn't be a problem to give back, just find one of us in-game to remake them for you.
  9. I guess maybe i was thinking things would be different now, cause when i wake up my dream fade.

    1. Trigunman


      Never give up, never let failure win, never stop working to achieve your dreams, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Those who have no hope, have no future!

    2. blitsen


      Don't let anything drag you down buddy !

      “Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams... and honor.”

  10. Welcome man, enjoy you stay at this home warm server. You will get homesick if you stay away from here xD
  11. Why is it a big deal? The donation still goes to the server so we are able to play still.
  12. Welcome, enjoy the stay and endless gaming time with mountain dew ^^
  13. Happy Birthday, Chuk Bro!!!

    1. Cyane


      uncle Chuk does bday'=? !!

    2. Soly
  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Jones ^^

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Soly


      Aww.. no party tonight?

    3. Cyane


      daww not Barbra ;W;

    4. squish


      Happy Birthday Wayne.

  15. You all will be missed, goodbye ^^
  16. Well i have to say i've had so much fun here playing/helping and getting to know you all. I probably didn't help a lot but i do know the difference between right and wrong so whenever someone does something wrong i've always did the best thing to do even though i come from a military step dad so i'm a little harsh at times and have no tolerance for BS. I will miss you all and definitely miss defending you all against the all mighty "Lee" But i'm about moving on and getting through life with all the accomplishments i can, and this being here, has been one of them. If you ever need anything or want to play something else, just PM me and we can skype/steam/origin or what ever floats your boat. I believe in you all to never give up on anything you do or your dreams, the world is yours...........and yes you will fail at times, but you will be stronger each time you do or else you would never appreciate success ^^ PS: DON'T LET ANYONE EVER PUNK YOU GUYS! Peace! Big thanks to Larva for everything you let me handle while i was here, you're awesome and deal with a lot with all the stuff you do. I Will Miss: Thunder Chuk Evie Saith Xenomaren Blitsen Serverus Squish Cyane There are a lot more names that i cannot remember right now...just know if you ever talked to me or got help you're on this list of people that i will miss. ^^ Bye!
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