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  3. Happy Birthday Cy,  I hope all is well with you .  I miss you :(

  4. Happy birthday Cyane, we miss you ;--;

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  6. you are not here anymore and i am never know you... but all friends i am have are always say the best stories of you, so i am wishing happy birthday for you today

  7. An entirely new episode with new maps, new enemies, and a new storyline. Maybe one where the PCs are transported to a planet called Earth where they resemble characters from a defunct MMO that’s now only run on private servers.
  8. Third TTF Ultima in a row I saw someone bail and I can't tell if y'all are DC'ing or rage quittin'.

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    2. Dracozombie


      It seemed more like rage quitting to me. The common variable is either Rani (who could indeed afford to git gud), or newcomers or players who don't know better who don't know how to get past the Baranz barrage. That's where two of the rage quits happened, but the last one MIGHT have been a DC, because it happened in Caves... except one of the players was a FO who didn't seem to know what they were doing. The one I know for sure was rage quit was at the Baranz area, they called us into the hallway. I retreated, but before the other guy could get his ass to safety, the quitter literally went "....." and bolted.

    3. Dracozombie


      Remember when experienced players had patience with newcomers and actually tried to explain the tricks so everyone can have more efficiency and fun?

      Rani Farms remembers.

    4. Dracozombie


      I also notice folks get prissy if you don't know the Vol Opt trick. Like, wow, sorry some players don't know PSO's glitches down to the binary.

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    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Congratulations. You played yourself. 


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    2. Emewn
    3. Emewn
    4. Emewn


      it took me a long time finding this, but I did it! Enjoy :D  that's what I originally wanted to show you lol


  11. Happy birthday :rf-03:

    1. jezbuz


      :rf-03: :rf-03: Happy Birthday! :rf-03: :rf-03: 

    2. Lipelis


      Happy birthdayyyy hehe-coup.gif

    3. Luis_Rivaille


      Heheheh thanks guys, I love you so much

  12. B> psycho black crystals and centurion battles, heave punishers (need a couple)

    paying in pds. 

    Pm me your price

  13. sending good vibes

  14. Finally finished my drawing of the FOnewearl! Had some problems with my internet, but I'm finally back, hope you like it! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2634521163235284&id=2578396952181039 (This is the Facebook post)
  15. Happy birthday Artbob we miss you!! 

  16. Ahhh well, I stand corrected... So exactly what is holding back implementation of further account slots Soly? Software issue? Coding problem? Thanks for chiming in, further explanation and all your hard work Soly!
  17. It is supposed to be as hard to get one on Bluefull as any other ID, but since Ultima has an insane rare monster appearance boost, it makes every item you can farm from rare monsters easier than any other places. Not only Heaven Punisher, but also Syncesta, Lavis Cannon, Agito 1975 and Psycho wand (except from Del lily), have impossible drop rates on other IDs. I kinda wanted to change that as well... at least some people consider finding one of them as an "achievement"
  18. T>TypeSH/Shot 80 hit demon >TypeGU/Mechgun 80 hit demon

  19. I understand that but it doesn't seem like a good reason. Honestly I'd dare say it was poor game design on Sega's part.
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