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  3. Happy Babe day you fukin babe

  4. look

    if y'all lads don't wish the lawd and savory @McLaughlin86 a happy borthday imma dump on your porch and steal y'alls clout

    aint got NO JUICE


  5. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    I had no idea that was a thing, thank you so much! My guildcard # is 42110792!
  6. help me login !!!!

    Solved. Henrique had "Test server" enabled in Launcher options.

    1. McLaughlin86



  8. help me login !!!!

    I am trying to login in the game to play this giving error message error (no912) no identification record how to solve I have 7 account what should I do and maintenance of the server...
  9. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    Foxen, have you tried using THIS? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/character-viewer/ Just enter your login information for the game, complete the captcha and you can see your characters items, bank items, common bank items, character level, character info AND guildcard # for that account.
  10. Ruby 😁


    1. serverus


      olale se ve bien la ruby :)

  11. B<80hit demon yas9k

  12. Last week
  13. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    Unfortunately I don't know how to find my guildcard number without logging in. I could give you the character names and levels though, would that help at all? Foxen lvl 143 RAcaseal Redria, Black maid outfit, Sato mag with full CUSTOM RAY/BARRIER/ARMOR VER.00 set. Units installed on armor include Heavenly/Battle, and I believe God/Power Callista lvl 102 Hucaseal Oran, Pink color scheme Foxen lvl 43 FOnewearl Pinkal, Blue color scheme Lunestra lvl 27 HUnewearl Skyly, Red/black color scheme I'm not sure any of that will help you find the proper account, if not, I'm sorry.
  14. need leveled up?

    i always aquire the best gear i can, my weapons are max grinded, i use any mats i aquire, i got heav gear need cent though, i use mainly my 7000 and my spread needle
  15. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    There are no control settings client side, only server side. I find interesting that you ended up breaking the whole thing, can you give me you guildcard? For the controller to NOT be read by the game, I believe connecting it after starting the game works.
  16. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    With your results Foxen, I too am convinced there must be some information to the accounts based server-side regarding the key config for PSOBB. It would explain how I can just copy and paste the entire PSOBB folder to a thumb drive, run it off another computer/laptop and it still all works without a hitch. I pray Soly will read this and chime in with his thoughts and hopefully, a solution for ya hon.
  17. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    Update: I have been unable to fix this issue on my end. I have searched for "Sega", "PSOBB", "Phantasy", "Redria", "Sonic", "SonicTeam", "Ultima", and "Endmyexistence". After deleting all relevant data related to PSOBB and Ultima, I don't think that I'm able to fix this on my end. My only thought is that it must save the configurations serverside? Any further assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated As I am unable to play otherwise, thank you! I do not have another system to install PSOBB Ultima on to test if my theory is correct, I'm sorry.
  18. need leveled up?

    All good things in time Warframe, your intentions are quite noble though, I salute you. However... I'd also say get some more experience, a few more lvl 200 characters in your stable and acquire the best gear this server has to offer before seriously venturing out to help others. Rome wasn't built in a day and while this game takes a few minutes to learn, it takes quite a few years to master. (and hell, I've been here nearly 10 years and even I'm not quite there yet!) But again, by all means, do not give up on your idea and your dream. When the time comes, perhaps I can help you achieve those things.
  19. Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool

    I thought I had fixed this issue. I had found a registry folder named HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-471330482-451288726-1735837332-1000\Software\SonicTeam\PSOBB by searching for the word "Phantasy". I deleted the SonicTeam folder. While this removed system and Launcher.exe settings, login information, graphics and sound settings, when I reached character select, the previous control issue persisted.
  20. need leveled up?

    I appreciate your willingness to help but I think there's a few people more suited to help. Also, level doesn't have much bearing here. I've seen level 200s output way less damage than someone level 100. It's all about gear, my dude.
  21. Equipment names are wrong

    It wasn't properly applying the update. Thank you
  22. Equipment names are wrong

    Have you tried updating your game via the launcher? That's what fixed my issues.
  23. need leveled up?

    Well at least his heart is in the right place ..
  24. hi new to the game? tired of dieing on the same boss over and over? need leveled up? wanna farm? if your answer is yes to any of these questions youve come to the right person, hi i'm WarFrame. i'm on everyday, run my own guild, and help anyone who needs it, i look like knuckles in the game and i'm here to help who ever needs it, i'm a youtuber as well, so my career is gaming, my level is 122 atm, my damage as good as a level 170 player and i'm here to help just lemme know when you see me
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