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Rev X team (RE)Assemble!


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Alright guys heres the thing.... years ago there was one team I knew that was full of formidable

good players, good people, and amongst all.... good friends.

the team had it stream of good times, bad times, hard times, epic times, you name it

the thing is... this team withstood quite a beating and eventually it violently got ruptured

and scattered into the four winds, never to be seen or heard from again.

in all out honesty, it felt like a sour note seeing it go up in flames.

Fellow Ultima community,

Today I want to talk to you, not as a figure of authority of any sorts, nor as someone who disregards

the still living ideal of true teaEmplay, but I talk to you today as yet another player who missed the olden days

of this specific team,

If you somehow managed to decide and take your time to read this, please note that regardless of who you are,

where you came from, new to Ultima or a forgotten veteran, I ask of you that should you have no team

or should you see this post and have a flashback of sorts, please, for one more time let us reunite once

more under this one team flag,

not out of duty or for the lulz, rather because this was once a flag that Ultima grew with,

and seeing the lobby someday under this one flag was truly a sight to see.

Ladies and Gentlemen... as a still idle member of Revolution X, I invite you all under this

movement which I would like to call...


Even if one of us still bears the flag, it's all right, I just loved the idea of having a blast from the past.

and with that out of the way,

Guys, I do miss the team, I know most of you have already moved forward and started out anew elsewhere

heck some don't even play anymore or got banned.... but still, Rev X, let's go all out.

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I figured the lack of having shade nearby would be really demoralizing, and restarting... heck, even attempting to

re-enact this would be a feat to pull out, but that's just it, I still wanna try this regardless of failing or not

remember Godric's funeral? Improvised yet fun

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My both non-GM accounts are still in RevX so I can help recruiting if needed.

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what I need to do is have someone with the flag (like chuk)

pass it down to me, enable recruiting powers

Only the leader could enable them (save for direct database edits)

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I'm a subleader on that team.

I checked the database and I can easily change ownership of a team as well as team rank. So first thing you need to do is joining RevX with your main account. Then I will change the ownership to you and put your rank as leader. Now if Shade were to come back and request to have his position back you'll have to pass him leadership again.

Tell me your guildcard when you've joined the team.

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Hey folks. I'm just downloading PSO. I used to play back on Dreamcast up through Gamecube. I was looking to get with some folks to help me out so I'd like to join your team if possible. My in game name will be RibbonHead.

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