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  1. There is a Reaper, whose name is Death, And, with his sickle keen, He reaps the bearded grain at a breath, And the flowers that grow between .

    November 8th

  2. What are all the ID'S that drop Ultima Reaper? Is Redria one of them.
  3. Anyone selling a yasminakov 9000  charge with or without hit?

  4. Phantasy Star Online 2 EU -PS4/Xbox confirmed for release.....

    Said no one ever

  5. Here is my submission. 4 minutes:31s. Goodluck again, can't wait to see everyone's work.
  6. New forum o.o

  7. Working on one myself. Goodluck everyone
  8. A storm is coming.. Instead of tearing down walls with it's wind it would rather put them up..

  9. The Movie wasn't that bad, just was really unorganized.

  10. Purple Rain

    1. Starlord


      Chocolate rain.

    2. cloor


      RIP Prince =/

    3. leezy


      We got it here in nashville tn also pupil rain

  11. I wonder what Trump will say next week that will be "mildly" controversial. Maybe a wall between a wall between Canada or the U.S. so we can be closed in like a box of lobsters.

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    2. Sylph777


      Yeah that's totally true velocity, but you are not getting my point.. i know this problem is complex and it's important that we have laws and we must respect them but we have reached such a degree of pride, racism, manipulation and control of human beings that man now assumes the right to decide who lives where, who does what, who listens to what, who thinks what... i'm just trying to say that God never wanted things this way, it is this way because this society is deeply sick and...

    3. Sylph777


      when Jesus will return, He will establish His reign and restore everyhing the way He always wanted them to be..

    4. Evie


      Jesus sounds very controlling.

  12. I had like 4 dark weapons during my time on this server - sold them out of boredom. I like Iron Faust, Arrest Needle and J/sword much better, and I would love to see my unique weapon similar to them.
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