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  1. i didnt know it could be used on seren e
  2. final pacman


    buy dark meteor doesnt have to be maxed. paying (265 dt 2 spheres. . Tjs hit.) plus 80 hit demon yas 80 hit hunderd souls if needed . Looking for dm or pgf
  3. i have this orange sato who is great for journeys with ra on pso. well range with those exact specifications on the stats. i used it for a long time if it is in your interest the pd value is 35 pd. i even wish i could get more than that. thank you pm if you still want one
  4. i have a rare one with precent and 50 hit, would you like to trade for this, or could you pay a better rate on dt. >?
  5. asterson striker master sword and rianov 5 in room with you now
  6. would like to talk to you about making the trade i have pd and dt. can we meet up
  7. i have prs with 55 hit plus atribute
  8. hmu me to i got 1 ps and a few pd
  9. yes success i must reload i was probably loged only 2 mins before your 3 min iincer,ment
  10. the santa clause rappys did not show they were love rappy. we thought he was bringing the presents we all were excited
  11. mr nakas business card barba ray yellow
  12. nice stuff, always good trading with this guy. fortunate to see all the things in variety makes trading great for the community. thank you JD good luck. you could get more for the rage de glace.
  13. Can I buy rage de feu, red sword, bloody art. And possibly the type mechgun
  14. Dude order up. Need 70 power and 120 hp mats.
  15. awesome thank you ultima. to save me from the night terror of scares. all in a days work i can game relax and have trick or treats. this hallows eve. i think that background with demonic ogla is super bad to the bone >
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