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  1. Dolmdarl -blueful -glide divine v.00
  2. pm offers are good. i agree with the check excuse me mine is currently being sold
  3. i have it available but its not cheap let me know your price range. its s better unit and drops like WD.
  4. final pacman


    i got genapei thats weird for last swan to be recorded i think that is ep2
  5. final pacman


    there seems to be a mistake with grenil delsaber episode 1 it says its droping for genapi and last swan
  6. this is a really nice page to reference ill add alittle bit now and expand with edit later: ttomorrow morning they have unique tekked screen with a unique animation design, the skins are modified on these versions. this also adds to special being natural or unreduced with proper equip cast dont use demons. and humans dont use hell. i am going to explain a couple for now. Asteron striker increased stats to HS, can still Heaven punish with mag equip/ New skin and different color anime. Blood tornado unique skin and un reduced when used by humar ramar. fire rod unreduced flaming special, enhanced animation unique texture. (ultima exculsive i believe) eggblaster increased zerk cyan skin . Kiss of death unique tek and ultima exclusive
  7. hey ricardof14 i have two limiters for sale the 20 luck material 


  8. i can do the same schedule ill be on char chames or jack
  9. since when does pgf drop vh. seems weird for a upper gamers to ez drop
  10. ill add an idea and ill keep working on the creative process. i came up with alot over the years and saw something happen involuntary and others i have kept to my self ill add one idea for now. which is something for androids purchased in gallons or in other quest fairly pricey using pds. that gives you a level 30 tech boost before you go back out in to the field. so it would be in your item pack and you would use it in the pioneer and come back down into ragol with full buffs. would be so useful for bosses on solo mode or if your fo ditched you when you were playing hu cast. or if your were soloing ep1 ttf with racast
  11. tension blaster ultimate greenil from the epsilon
  12. Chameleon Scythe redria za boota the purple one

    video of veterans enjoying the game and then ditching when i typed and laged a little

  14. Have to hunt some of these what was your number?
  15. dorphan eclair yellow boze- zelda magazine ep 4 gibbles red - fire rod ep 2 ill gill redria - bombchu ep 2 centeriuen power ep4 dorphan eclair redria
  16. yellow boze ep4 ultimate drops zelda magazine
  17. thats awesome i have ahd it happen 3 various ways of not producing the right code or saving it properly i should. its cool ill be patient no worries long journey trying to get ppp mags right
  18. i was raising two kalki mags and both of them were traded and eveolved before lvl 9 to not increase the def i used the anti paralysis to reduce the def and keep raising. i loged back on later to find them glitched with one leve on the defense. this did not happen in my sleep? could this be a glitch? what should i do about the level on the kalki
  19. these type a add special with handgun for suppresed gun, plus dts to add hit, and 20 pd for the token to combine aspecial tempest handgun (ei.}hell handgun either. yasmikov 700k=rifle suppresed handgun= handgun type mech= mechgun [yasmikov3000r= shot]?
  20. look forward tot his mis understood the part about suppresed gun and water gun
  21. i was raising a kama mag that was a ppp version and it evolved into a madhu which i did not mean to tdo is ther any way i can adjust this accident. i need accident forgiveness. please its valued you mag and i do not want to loose it. the levels now are 2/72/28 and i should have took the last level with redria.
  22. The end of the summer event. Had such a blast and spent to much time on the beach looking for someone i could never find. all in all i think it was one of the best and i was over the top smiling during happy hour. i hope you like meme. Have a great rest of the summer
  23. hey I was wondering if I could use the keyboard configuration and mouse configuration to modify my mouse to the action pallete and the command keys to different spots on the keyboard. I am also going to look at buying a joystick and seeing which buttons on there can replace certain keys? if there is any way you could help with some this I am sure id have to talk to soly or lemon. the big thing id like to do is have my movement keys the same and control z as my quick equip. after that have my command enter and the 3 shots on the mouse with the scroll clicker as special. the view finder could proably remain the same as dragging it around the screen to look. let me know what you think of these ideas, while I experiment and give feed back.
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