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Shiida's Hit Event


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Shiida's Hit Event





Hello everybody,


This Weekend we are doing a mini-event that will allow you to add hit to your weapons.



Erinys the little witch needs 3 main ingredients in order to make a magic potion that will improve your weapons' accuracy:

- Solid bones from a ferocious animal

- Leather from a primate

- D-cellular type aluminium from a creature's core






:gem2: Phase 1 - Searching and collecting ingredients :gem2:


Date: July 23rd 21:00 (this post time) to July 25th 23:00 GMT


You will have 50 hours to find where the badges are located then farm them.

Don't worry their drop rate is super easy, and it is all IDs.

There is one badge per episode, use the hints above.

You can post your finding in this topic to update the small table below this post.

If you spent more than 20 minutes finding nothing, then you are probably hunting in wrong area or missing the key enemy.

There will be NO Happy Hour for the whole duration of this phase because again the drop rates are specifically easy (and equality reasons), so only your time and efforts will be rewarding!




:gem4: Phase 2 - Ressources trading :gem4:


Date: July 26th to July 30th


Use those 5 days to trade with other players if you are short on a specific badge, have too many of another one that you are willing to sell or donate etc.

Gather your badges, decide which weapons you want to upgrade and have your items ready when you join the redeem room next phase.



:gem1: Phase 3 - Weapons upgrades :gem1:


Date: July 31st to August 1st


The redeem will take place ONLY during that weekend so please do not ask to redeem your badges BEFORE the 31st.

If you cannot log on during the weekend, ask a friend do it for you. And if you have no friend to ask, or somehow missed me, send me a PM with details about what you have, what you want to redeem and their location (guildcard number + slot).




5 Weapons Leather Badge + 5 Weapons Aluminium Badge + 5 Weapons Bone Badge = 5% Hit to add

(You need all 3 types of badges!)



  • Max hit on a weapon: 70%
  • Attributes relocation: No
  • Dark weapons: Yes




Do not forget to use minimap items / floor reader / rare sound because Weapons Badges come in green boxes.




Good luck!


(and as usual, big thanks to @Soly for helping me out with everything :3)

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Confirmed drops


Difficulty Episode Section ID Monster Item Confirmed by
Ultimate 1 All IDs Bulk* Aluminium Badge @TheIronSheik
Ultimate 2 All IDs Hidelt Leather Badge @EDEN
Ultimate 4 All IDs Dorphon Bone Badge @JupiterDeMars


*Note: for whoever doesn’t know: After Bulclaws do their melee attack twice, they split into 1x Bulk and 4x Claws.

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All the Badges locations have been found.

Good luck with the farm ~

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2 hours ago, Martikush said:

Dorphons : Christmas Fiasco / Lost Master Blaster

Bulk : Path To Salvation (?)


I think for Bulk HoD works as well :D [maybe bring your redrias for HoD2, or If you are Interested In farming Flame Visit with Viridia ID, as well In HoD1 :onion120:


And as for monke, either the starting of TTFU or Max U Forest, and:


2 hours ago, TheIronSheik said:

Ep2 Hildelt confirmed


Battle of Beaufort for Yellow ID's Spirtual Flowen Sword 3084 (3084? :onion-head49:), or Purplenum's Yasminkov 9kM, as well :rf-12:

Edited by Kotta
Ep1 monke Is not >.<
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16 minutes ago, Kotta said:

Battle of Beaufort for Yellow ID's Spirtual Flowen Sword 3084 (3084? :onion-head49:), or Purplenum's Yasminkov 9kM, as well :rf-12:

Also, while rare, you can get some brightness circles in Oran on Del-Ds.

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1 hour ago, EDEN said:

this is ep1?

my bad, I read wrong back then :onion-head22:

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