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  1. You miss solylib folder, just unpack it to /addons and it should work Also, be sure to install the base plugin and download the latest version of plugins
  2. Still Available Still available C/arms still available, no more C/battle, maybe @JupiterDeMars can sell you one.
  3. I'm sorry I sold the last one to @Final, will update prices and items soon
  4. Still available Still available Techs available Yes C/arms available Still available
  5. Ultimate 1 Ruins Bluefull Dark Falz Ultima Bringer's
  6. Ultimate - IV - Kondrieu - Naka's Card - Yellowboze
  7. Ultimate 4 Desert Yelloboze Shambertin Sonic Team Armor
  8. Say goodbye to your social life, it's time to grind !
  9. New Items available : Fire Rod [0/0/0/50|0] 5 PDs // 0.6 DT Meteor Cudgel [25/0/0/85|0] 5 PDs // 0.6 DT Red Sword [0/0/40/0|0] 8 PDs // 1 DT Red Sword [40/35/0/35|0] 12 PDs // 1.5 DTs Red Sword [0/40/15/0|0] 8 PDs // 1 DT Samba Maracas [0/10/0/0|0] 8 PDs // 1 DT Ultima Reaper [30/0/0/45|0] 5 PDs // 0.6 DT Partisan of Lightning [30/0/0/0|40] 8 PDs // 1 DT Anti-Dark Ring [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 60 PDs // 7.5 DTs Heart Container 6 PDs // 0.75 DT Chromatic Orb 40 PDs // 5 DTs
  10. God didn't rest the 7th day, he created you @EDEN
  11. Integrated GPU is largely enough to run PSO I think. @gonzagoni try to install PSO on Windows so you'll also have Addons support, I think it's a better idea than running it using Wine.
  12. Looks like a driver issue since you've installed a new GPU. Have you installed new drivers with your HD 5570 GPU ? You usually have to do it when you change a GPU in a computer. For a fresh install, I'd suggest you to use Display Driver Uninstaller . Download and extract it. Launch the software after you rebooted your computer in Safe Mode, it will completely wipe old or corrupted drivers for a fresh install. After that, reboot and go to radeon website to download and install latest drivers. It should fix your problem Let me know if it worked ! Edit : Looks like you use Wine to play PSOBB, so i'm not sure if DDU works with Linux too
  13. It happens because your inventory is full (even if it display 29/30) , be sure to have enough space, I usually free 10 spots before opening Lantern
  14. BUMP // Shop finaly updated, cleared and price adjusted too. Lot of modifications since the previous one so I wont list every changes, feel free to browse it ! ❤️
  15. Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Pouilly Slime Heart Container Ultimate 1 Caves Pinkal Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Skyly Pouilly Slime Heart Container Now we have the full chart for Heart Container
  16. Ultimate 1 Caves Redria Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Whitill Pouilly Slime Non event drop
  17. Ultimate 1 Caves Viridia Pouilly Slime Heart Container Ultimate 1 Caves Oran Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Yellowboze Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Greenill Pouilly Slime Heart Container
  18. Sorry it's sold, this shop isn't up to date but I'll do it very soon !
  19. Not the best HH for me yesterday but I got blessed by ROCT gods and managed to get Samba Maracas 80h as a reward, I'm pretty happy since its the best ROCT reward I've ever had :3 Edit : According @JupiterDeMars I'm still happy today (he's right)
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